Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whee! This investing stuff is easy!

Speaking of the 'Land of the Silver', there is one Mighty Colossus out there who thinks that the only way to avoid the oncoming juggernaut of debt which is going to smash the western world into smithereens, is to sell everything, including your shirt, your farm, your inheritance, and your favourite collection of hand-painted Napoleonic toy soldiers made from Camphor Wood, and to put it all into gold, silver, and oil.

Who is this Mighty Colossus?

Why, the superb Mogambo Guru of course.

So here, direct from the Mogambo Bunker Of Paranoid Fear (MBOPF), we have four of my recent favourite jottings from his magnificent essay compendium. As Meriadoc Brandybuck might have said of a fine fruity South Farthing ale, the first one is particularly good:

=> Economic Warnings From an Elderly 3rd Grader

=> A Bull in a Silver Shop

=> Speaking Silver’s Language

=> Golden Umbrellas in an Economic Downpour

Most excellent.

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