Monday, February 22, 2010

Time Travelling Backwards - The Mogambo Guru Archives

Calling all you Austrian information addicts. Do you have enough articles to read on your iPhone, MacBook, Kindle, Stanza reader, or even stone age PC? If not, check out the back catalogue belonging to the Mogambo Guru.

Here are hundreds of Mogambo Guru articles, in a convenient SafeHaven archive, going back all the way to 2005:

=> The Mogambo Guru Archives

Here's a far less convenient but presumably complete archive, at The Daily Reckoning:

=> The Mogambo Guru

Here's what I've so far discovered to be the oldest page on that archive, which goes back to what seems to be the first article in 2001, with the 'proper' main sequence of Mogambo Guru articles starting in 2003:


That should all keep you going for a few days. It's certainly keeping me occupied while on the various slowly trundling carriages of Great Western and London Underground trains, while I am going about my business, such as it is, while listening to various Colin Hay albums:

Here's a quote from that first 2001 article:
The American economy will probably not recover for at least a decade. There is no reason to expect that it will. The immutable laws of economics have not gone away, nor have they changed overmuch in the history of the world.

Mogambo Guru, 17th of October, 2001
If anyone knows of a single-page web page article which contains the entire back catalogue, I'd be pleased to receive the intelligence to help save the battery time on my iPhone.

Pip pip!!

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