Wednesday, February 17, 2010

David Cameron will transform Britain, if the Conservatives can win the political game

Bruce Anderson delivers some real tub-thumping cock about the Conservative Party, the biggest bunch of clowns since the Marx brothers.

Here's my pointless comment to the Brucester, on The Labourgraph:
Jack Maturin on February 17, 2010 at 08:29 PM

Talk to the hand, Bruce, the face ain't listening.

There will be absolutely no discernible difference the day after election day in how the British government is run.

Yes, a few different apparatchiks in different suits may be picked up by the state's limousines, but outside the Westminster bubble nobody will notice the slightest difference in any of the corrupt useless policies of the state.

Welfarism will keep increasing, money printing will keep increasing, government spending will keep increasing, crime will keep increasing, educational standards will keep falling, and taxes will keep rising. The police will continue to grow more aggressive and inept, the hospitals will continue to be awash with bacteria, and the local councils will continue to keep increasing their charges for less and less services.

The government is not the solution, Bruce. The government is the problem.

Only when the government is cut down to a small fraction of its current size will any of us notice any difference in the continuing decivilisation of Britain.

That will not be achieved by socialist bed-wetters like Osborne and Cameron, who are too frightened of the client state to do anything about it except whisper behind their hands about it behind closed doors.

Hannan and Johnson could possibly do it, but even they would find the resistance of the Leviathan state too much to bear.

No, the best thing any of us can do is to not vote and to drain the legitimacy out of all Westminster politicians, and all of their stupid programmes that they wish to engineer upon us.

The only solution to all of the current messes imposed upon us by central government over the last 100 years, and their continuing interventions to fix the messes created by their previous interventions, is a destruction of the central government, its fiat currency, its printing press at the Bank of England, and the revival of freedom and the free market.

Can Cameron and Osborne deliver this? I won't be holding my breath.
UPDATE: A reminder about Uncle George's attitude towards voting:


Anonymous said...

Can't argue with anything you say except this matter of not voting.

It has been tried and it has failed; it falls on deaf political ears. they don't care and, if you doubt it look at the turnout for Margaret Thatcher against the turnout we now experience.

What these people need is to be shocked. If you can bring yourself to do it vote UKIP or if not any of the minor parties that come closest to your beliefs.

The only way to show these morons that people still hold with right wing policies is to show it by voting right wing, regardless, and Camerons pink party is not right wing

Archie Dean said...


Firstly, to vote is to automatically legitimize the entire 'system' in its entirety, thus giving the politicians the 'mandate' they so desperately crave. By playing the game you agree to accept the outcome - it's as simple as that!!

Secondly, of course politicians care if their subjects (citizens we ain't!) don't vote. Their problem is determining at what point the lack of participation manifestly contradicts the standard claim of voter 'apathy' when attempting to explain low turn out. I guarantee that should voting levels continue to decline at the rate that they have been over recent years, voting will be made compulsory, presumably under the claim of 'protecting democracy' or some other like drivel.

In any case, all the above not withstanding, voting within the current set up really is no more or less than an attempt by any individual voter to force his/her views upon all fellow subjects - hardly due process for a just and peaceful society. On the contrary in fact, it's mob rule - the inevitable final destination of all democracy.

Thus, incredible though it may seem to you, I regard 'voting', within the existing political structure, as tantamount to an act of aggression - leaving not voting as the only rational (& moral) position to assume when the current, wholly corrupt, entirely parasitic edifice - maintained by force alone lest if be forgotten - has been properly considered.

Happy Days!!


Jack Maturin said...

What Archie said.

Archie Dean said...


Re Update: -


May Uncle George 'Rest in Peace'. Gawd bless 'im!!


Jack Maturin said...

He truly was a man among men.