Friday, April 30, 2010

Will you be up for the castration of Balls?

The Tories are hoping to decapitate Ed Balls, next week, in his West Yorkshire Morley constituency, which has been gerrymandered especially for him to give him a 10,000 majority - but is 10,000 enough? (Ed Balls doesn't actually know where Morley is. His tax-fed driver takes him there and it's a great basis for his expenses claims, but aside from that it could be anywhere in the grim North.)

The hated Ed Balls, the most repellent Labour MP after Gordon Brown himself, is the man most want to see lose his seat next week. I'll certainly be 'Up for Balls Being Squeezed'.

If he does go down, and if you're up too, those faint cheers you'll be able to hear in the background will be drifting in on the breeze from Henley On Thames.


The biggest rat leaves the sinking ship

After a dreadful encounter with Jeremy Paxman tonight, in which I thought on several occasions that Brown would actually punch the man I watched Avatar with, The Guardian newspaper, the hole into which all the most intellectual Trots in the country fall, told us it would no longer be supporting the Labour party.

OK, so it's only transferring its allegiance to the Liberal Democrats (who in many ways are indistinguishable from the Labour party, sharing the same Marxist world view), so they can help Labour form a permanent socialist government, impossible to remove, thereby killing off support for democracy entirely, but it's fun all the same.

Anyway, back to Lady Gaga, this time 'Bad Romance':

Interlude - Poker Face, Lady Gaga

D'you know, I'm sick of Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and the entire Westminster Bubble shooting match. We shouldn't have to spend our lives worrying about which politicians are going to be helping themselves to our wallets, next, so they can get re-elected and retire as wealthy men with fat pensions.

But we do have to worry, which is criminal. So just to take my mind off things, I thought I'd listen to someone for a bit who makes much more sense. Lady Gaga, with Poker Face. Gawd Bless 'Er:

The Bittersweet Memories of Commercial Property Ownership

His Mogambo Guruness uses some of his Precious Mogambo Time (PMT) to educate investors on the dangers of commercial real estate.

Hutspitze zu Carsten

Clinton - End of the gold standard created global financial bubble

Check out the YouTube below, especially the first two minutes. Clinton defends the end of the gold standard with some spurious talk about economic management, but he does say that the end of the gold standard marked the beginnings of a global financial bubble. As Mr Spock might say, 'Fascinating':

Gordon hates everybody - Labour voters included

Richard Littlejohn thinks Gordon Brown is a sociopath.

He has evidence.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cameron wins debate

Cameron bang on, tonight. And thank goodness he finally nailed Brown on that £6 billion question:

Score: 8/10

Clegg close second, but too smarmy, and exposed well by Cameron on a few rotting skeletons:

Score: 7/10

Brown awful (even for Brown) - Appalling human being, with a fake smile, who simply refuses to take responsibility for 13 years of being in power. I would have guessed beforehand he would get two out of ten, but he was even worse than that. Horrible, horrible, horrible man. I hope Mrs Duffy is over the 40 minutes he inflicted himself on her yesterday afternoon:

Score: 1/10

Tractor factory statistics and more tractor factory statistics

Brown is moody, angry, shouting, keeps wanting to butt in, is pouring out tractor factory statistics, and hates other people being allowed to speak.

Seven more days of this Klutz and then we'll be done with him.

But why on Earth did the Labour party allow him to rule over them unopposed? Were they so short of other candidates and so circumscribed by his back room Stalinist stitch-up deals, that they really felt they had no other choice? Or are they really a moronic bunch of lazy cowards (except for Charles Clarke) who couldn't face him down in a room full of other people?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Thank the Lord we're near the end now of this debate. And thank the Lord we are near the end of Brown's premiership. Yes, it will make no real physical discernible difference to our lives when he goes, but at least we'll all feel much better.

The Founding of the Federal Reserve, as described by Murray N. Rothbard


Brown is an economic ignoramus

Once again, in the final leaders debate, Gordon Brown is banging on about £6 billion pounds being 'taken out' of the economy, if his proposed tax rise doesn't take place.

Finally, David Cameron has come back with Brown's confusion about the government and the economy being the same thing.

When you do not raise taxes by £6 billion then you LEAVE £6 billion IN the economy, to be spent wisely and productively, rather than being TAKEN OUT and wasted by government apparatchiks on consumption make-work schemes and other useless consumption waste.

So well done Cameron.

Though Clegg does actually look better than both of the others, because he is answering questions rather than attacking his opponents.

Dear Lord, I really do feel physically queasy every time Brown comes on camera and he opens his mouth.

How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

I've ordered my copy. Have you ordered yours?

While you're waiting for it to arrive, you might want to check out the two books it's based on, by Irwin Schiff, the Duke's gaoled father:

The Kingdom of Moltz - Irwin Schiff

How an Economy Grows and Why It Doesn't - Irwin Schiff

Der Klub Mittelmeer und das Inflation Union

So which way will the boot-faced Merkel swing?

Will she help create the 'Inflation Union' and join Deutschland to Club Med, to form Der Klub Mittelmeer, thereby putting Heimat on the road to Weimar (again)?

Or will she back off and let the Greeks drown in the deep swimming pool they built with borrowed money?

Sehr interessant, meine Freundlings, es ist sehr interessant in der Tat!

Are the Tories trying to lose this election?

It's long been Maturin Towers strategic advice to the Tories that this is an election to lose. Whoever is left holding the can, when the dust settles next week, is going to be plunged into a sterling crisis and hopefully will be forced into making £200 billion pounds worth of cuts to the parasite class, and get these trough-swillers living within our means.

The resulting 'Greek Style' chaos, as all the tax-eaters demand money that doesn't exist to be fed into their maws, will fill the television sets for months, possibly even years.

It seems Mervyn King may agree with our assessment:

=> King: Election winner will be out of power for a generation

There is also the murky story of Sean Gabb's friend in a high place in the Tory Party:

=> “Wait for Us to Fail, Then Vote BNP” The Conservative Hidden Agenda?

Just how deep down does the rabbit hole go, Dorothy?

So here's the Machiavellian plan: Do well enough to be the biggest party, but let the forthcoming Lib/Lab pact swallow itself in Mervyn King's financial trap. When they've done their worst, step forward to take all the prizes in a general election in about two years' time.

Too conspiratorial for you? I can go with that too. Cock-up is always so much more likely than conspiracy, especially when low-life politicians are involved.

Rising Federal Debt Found to Cause Intestinal Alien Syndrome

The Mogambo Guru's Federal Reserve Alarm (FRA) has just rung to tell him something is up.

What's up is that LAST WEEK, Fed Credit was extended by $20.5 billion, the Fed bought up $21.5 billion in US government securities, and the U.S. Congress national debt increased by $42 billion. In ONE WEEK!

As you might imagine, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in the Mogambo Big Beautiful Bunker (MBBB).

Schiff Report: Financial Regulation

Peter Schiff comments upon the mass of regulation within the U.S. financial services industry. He starts with the comment that if the amount of regulation which is around today had been around when he started his brokerage, then he would never have been able to start up. He works his way on from there, calling for more market forces rather than more regulation to control the financial services industry and all the too-big-to-fails...

Financial Regulation

The report above is followed by the latest on Schiff's campaign to get into the U.S. Senate, to teach them about economics...

Schiff for Senate May Day Money Bomb

The IEA’s Mises Primer is Published

Steven Baker, of the Cobden Centre, tells us about the IEA's new Mises primer. This is an excellent read, by Dr Eamonn Butler, which covers all the bases of Mises, and provides a map of where to go next in your continuing study of this utter genius.

You can download the primer's PDF from here.

The Mystery of Banking

The Cobden Centre reviews another book by Uncle Murray.

The Mystery of Banking, by Murray Rothbard

Barcelona v Inter Milan: Jose Mourinho hails 'most beautiful defeat of my life'

I had no idea what the sporting consequences were, but as a former central defender myself (for a corporate Sunday League reserve team), I had to marvel at the disciplined zonal defence marking of Inter Milan, as they held out against Barcelona, the team with the most talented players in the world, to go into the European Cup final against Bayern Munich.

To hold Barcelona out, with just 10 men against 11, for over an hour, was magnificent and perhaps the greatest defensive display since the Greeks against the Persians at the hot gates of Thermopylae.

Perhaps the Greek government should appoint Mourinho to defend their retention of the Euro? Otherwise, it's looking more and more like the return of the Drachma, with every passing day.

EMU domino fears as Spain downgraded, Germany drags feet on rescue

If only they had all read Human Action, or employed Austrian economists instead of Keynesian ones.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cyanide on the doorstep

Let's just hope that Gordon Brown has done so much damage to his reputation that he loses his own seat.

That's what I'll be sitting up and waiting for. Well, that and the end of Ed Balls.

Both taken out would be unbelievably good.

The differences between the parties

The LibLabCon one-party state has been having fun recently in the General Election, with various members accusing each other of terrible evils. But just take a look at the different plots they have for 'repaying' British government debt. They're so close, that the red one representing the Labour party is hidden underneath the yellow one of the Liberal Democrats. (See here, for much more.)

'Just about identical' and 'indistinguishable by the human eye' are the phrases which spring to my mind, when looking at these debt curves.

Yes, there really is no discernible difference between any of them; whatever you do and whoever you vote for, the British government is going to get back in again.

Democracy is a God that has failed.

The Queen of Downing Street Speaks Out

"Ooh, get her"

Gordon emerges from the home of the 'Rochdale Bigot' to address the nation.

Bigoted racist old hags OK by me so long as they vote Labour, says Brown...

"But her tea is still stewed, like manky old badger's urine"

Guido is having lots of fun at El Gordo's expense, as the 'Greatest Genius of Our Times' descends upon Rochdale to re-visit the little people.


UPDATE: Apparently, according to relatives, she didn't offer him tea. Apparently she was out. (Yeah, right. Old Northern ladies are always running out of tea. And biscuits. If true, she ain't like any old northern lady I ever met before. Perhaps she might have offered him the whisky and a revolver, instead? But then, New Labour banned hand-guns except for angels in state uniforms, so perhaps she couldn't even offer this horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible man the easy way out.)

The worst thing in the world

Can you imagine anything worse than bumping into Gordon Brown, and speaking to this arrogant mad cretin?

Yes, that's having him find out where you live and then coming round and harassing you AGAIN, because he was caught out calling you a bigot and he's been told by Mandelson that he's got to apologise to you (whether he means it or not).

Dear Lord, can there be no worse fate on Earth than to suffer this double-whammy of Gordon?

I think I'd be on the whisky and the revolver by now if it happened to me.

Brown restrained by aides from throwing Nokia at voter

Only kidding. But by how much?

It appears the desperate Labour party apparatchiks surrounding Gordon Brown thought things were so bad after man-handling the 'Clunking Fist' from one safe house to another for three weeks, that they had to risk him actually meeting real people.

Despite the first one he met being a stalwart Labour party voter, she had the temerity to disagree with 'The Great Teacher'. Therefore, he labelled her as being a bigot.


UPDATE: Watch this, the 'Great Clunking Fist' in action. (What a charmer.)

UPDATE II: Gordon Brown falls apart in front of our eyes. And don't you go feeling sorry for this ugly one-eyed socialist bastard. He's been screwing us all for 13 years and he deserves tarring and feathering and having his pension cut to nothing, plus twenty years breaking rocks and digging graves in Afghanistan, before we should be done with this Klutz. Oh, and lots more things too graphic to mention here:

General Election 2010: tell us where the axe will fall

Edmund Conway is upset that no political party in Britain will tell us how it is going to stop Britain turning into another Greece, directly after the election.

The British government is currently spending about £700bn pounds a year, of which approximately £200bn is borrowed money, and only £500bn of which is tax money.

The best any of the three heads of the one-party state can say is that they will cut this borrowing by £50bn a year (and then hope for the best). Notice, none of them are daring to slash it down by £200bn, as they should. And none of them will tell us where even the £50bn is going to be cut, muttering about 'efficiency savings' and 'postponing non-urgent programmes'.

And even to 'save' £50bn (i.e merely borrow £150bn a year), all three heads of the Hydra propose to raise taxes - less tax rises by the Tories, more tax rises by the other two.

This, of course, is exactly what you need to do when an economy is on its knees. Yes, that's right folks, tax it even more, and take the money and waste it on yet more government consumption crap, rather than letting it fructify productively in the hands of the people.

And let us not even mention the 50 stealth-tax rises over the past 13 years, all of which the Tories regularly promised to rescind, and all of which they will now be keeping, and adding to with further taxes, to keep puffing up this ridiculous government bubble. Watch out when this bubble explodes folks, as it must, because it's going to be messy.

Greece acts to stop speculators as debt crisis escalates

Pass the Ouzo, please, peeps.

Plunder or Enterprise: The World's Choice

A superb must-read article by Tom Woods.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Upshot of the Shoot Up in Gold Demand

The Mogambo Guru reckons most of those people selling their old gold jewellery to brokers have liquidated most of their supplies, which will shortly cause a shortage in the supply of physical gold.

His advice?

Go on, guess.

So, you think anything substantive in Britain is actually going to change after the Election?

Good luck with that.

What Has The Government Done To Our Money?

Review of Uncle Murray's excellent monetary primer on the nationalisation of money, and why, like all nationalisations, this has had such a devastating effect on the production of money.

Beloved Berlin Wall

Watched a great film on the way back from Singapore.

'Beloved Berlin Wall' describes a love story between a West Berlin student and an East German border guard, just before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Yes, it's in shot in German, but it's still a great little comedy and well worth a view, especially if watching Avatar again on the plane seems like too much. And I even understood lots of the German, especially the bits involving the Stasi and the CIA.

If you do watch it, I'm playing the East German border guard and the West German girl is being played by my old girlfriend Pauline. There's also lots of jokes about the horrors of socialism, many of them visual such as the number of people needed to check a passport, but my favourite is the following, relayed by an East German waitress, when defending her anger towards the West:
Capitalism is the exploitation of people by people. Socialism is the opposite.

And watch out for the end:

Es ist sehr emotional.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ash Cloud Survivor!

We broke through the ash cloud over Britain, on the first plane back to Singapore, and survived!


And it was only five times worse than when they banned all flights last week. But still within the new 10x limit.

Have drank a beer in Harry's Bar by the Riverfront, exactly at the spot where there's a plaque commemorating the legendary drinking stool of Nick Leeson.

Haven't had a Sling yet.

Saving that up for Sunday night in China Town.

You can get soaked to the skin in 1 second of rain, By Gad, if your shirt isn't already soaking from the humidity.

Thank the Lord for air conditioning.

Yes, I know Singapore is deadly dull. But I like it. Reminds me of Sydney a bit, crossed with Vancouver, crossed with somewhere very humid. And somewhere very dull. Love the cosmopolitaness.

But given this city state or the city state of Abu Dhabi, I think Singapore wins hands down.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Clegg for PM?

Lew Rockwell is enjoying the UK General Election campaign. God love 'im.

Threat of New, Larger Icelandic Eruption Looms


Double-Dip Recession, Shot Federal Wad

Wrist-slashing time again, from Uncle Gary.

Dear Lord, he's a card, and no mistake.

How to waste your life - Get a security job at Heathrow

Just picked out at Heathrow for 'random' body scan by condescending moron

It must be the profiling they use

The following message is written too clearly all over my face

"You are a worthless parasitical moron and I would rather work in MacDonalds and clean the toilets with my Tongue than do your miserable useless fuckwit non-job"

I really must have a word with my face

It's giving far too much away

Fortunately, client shelling out for civilised class, so drowning sorrows with large G&T in George Clooney lounge

Looking forward to having Singapore Sling in Singapore


Terrified though about breaking through dense ash cloud

I can't see it from the lounge, but I'm still terrified, all the same

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And so to Singapore, here we come

I'm on the first plane out of Heathrow, tonight, to Singapore. By the absolute skin of my teeth. I've received my booking reference number and been told to check in by 7pm for a delayed flight taking off at 11pm.


Let's hope it all comes off and we survive breaking through the ash cloud.


Regulators really are funny creatures. They stand firm and resolute in the face of all common sense. And then, lo, a senior government office orders them to buckle, to prop up an election campaign, and they do so immediately.

What a bunch of idiots.

UPDATE: What's really hilarious about this, is that before the call came on down from high, the regulators were resolute that the flight ban had to stay in place. And even extended it. And yes, this was while the UK airspace was filled with contrails from Dutch and German airliners flying overhead.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catch 22, government style

Sky over Maturin Towers, yesterday

The jobsworth government regulators who have strapped the UK's airliners to the ground for the last week are in a real pickle.

Because these idiots have no skin in the game, and because they like flexing their muscles every now and again, they were far too quick off the mark to ban flights last week. But they had set a precedent. Even with microscopic amounts of volcanic ash in the air, they had banned flights. So to preserve their face and dignity, and to heck with the economic consequences to everyone else, they have felt obliged to keep the ban going in the face of the mounting evidence against them.

But now they don't know what to do, because the UK government is in an election and it wants everything to appear rosy

Alas, it is getting no traction from the idea that it is managing another Dunkirk or another Falklands war. It is now also perceived by most sensible people that the regulators over-reacted and that the ban should be lifted. Government ministers, who can also see a huge loss in tax revenue and economic blight, are even making stuff up about 'massively falling' levels of ash, when the true picture is that the ash levels are about the same as they were last week (i.e. microscopic).

And so now we have one level of government (in Europe) ordering another level of government (in the UK) to open up its airspace. But this second level of government is having trouble ordering a third level of government (the regulators at NATS and the Meteorological Office) to lift the ban.

Having set a stupid precedent, these regulators are now terrified that if they lift the ban with the same levels of ash as there were last week, then it will be seen by one and all that the original ban was unnecessary, and that they were wrong to impose it.

As well as having to publicly admit their stupidity, they may well leave themselves open to massive legal and compensatory compensation claims from the victims of their zealousness; the airlines and their passengers.

So rather than admit their mistake and lift their flying ban, these regulators are going to drag this misery out even further to simply prove a point, and only lift the ban when they are good and ready.

It's pathetic.

So, you ask, what would happen in Maturin World's vision of a free Britain?

Simple. Most airlines would probably have contracts with private meteorological companies to provide them with weather data. The airlines would take this data and judge whether it was safe to fly or not. Pilots would take the final decision on all take-offs. There would have been some disruption, particularly on flights heading anywhere near Iceland, but not much. (And I'll take the safety record of the private airline industry over the government-managed roads any day of the century.)

Passengers, of course, as RESPONSIBLE ADULTS rather than MORONIC SHEEPLE would be asked to sign a legal waiver at the gate, after being given the latest weather report. They would be told that the pilot was happy to take off and would then be asked if they were themselves prepared to board the plane.

Crikey. Adult Britons being given a choice! The mind boggles. But assuming they were actually capable of taking this mind-bending decision of getting on a plane given all available information, given 50 years of "You will be a moron" state education, we would have resolved the situation.

Job done.

And don't give me any rubbish about that BA plane that lost all four engines. It flew unawares right over the top of an exploding volcano. And yet that one incident has given rise to this entire week-long ban.

Government is useless. It always has been. And it always will be.

Owning Gold and Silver: The Unsafe Method

Our hero, the Mogambo Guru, uses his Mogambo Musical Ability (MMA) to demonstrate to the world the possibility that there may be 160x the amount of paper in the world proclaiming ownership of silver, than there actually is silver to back up these promises.

Go figure, as the Americans say.

And there's some other stuff about ping pong balls and peepers. But he lost me on that.

Economics for Real People

Interesting review of Gene Callahan's Economics for Real People, at the Cobden Centre.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Nick Clegg says poll points to end of 'tired' politics

You know, I think Nick Clegg is right.

People know something is wrong with British politics. Obviously, as Austrians we know that what is wrong is that democracy is a God that has failed, and that the worship of government in the last hundred years has taken us from relative upwardly growing civilisation (pre-1914) towards downwardly collapsing chaos (post-1914).

The processes which grew from the industrial revolution onwards (such as the rise of technology) have countered the collapse due to Big Government, but the trend is there and people are sick of it.

Alas, they are falling into the trap that the cure for politics and government is to let a 'different' political party take over the government, rather than simply reducing and eventually removing the government, but this is the very trick which makes democracy seem so much more appealing than other forms of government.

We constantly get fooled into thinking that a few different faces being driven around in the government limousines means everything will change for the better. Virtually all incumbent governments are eventually dislodged by different politicians promising 'change', and virtually all newly-incoming governments quickly become indistinguishable from the the governments which preceded them.

The almost very definition of this is the Obama government, in which Obama waved the 'Change' banner and told us that you can 'take my promise to the bank' that the U.S. will pull its troops out of Afghanistan. Naturally, as soon as Obama was lowered into the limousine, then the troops numbers in Afghanistan were actually increased.

But the people were fooled. They had their little game at the election and let off some steam, and thought everything would 'change' for the better. This is the beauty of democracy. Everything changes and everything remains the same.

The same is true for Nick Clegg back in Britain. He seems to have tapped into this unconscious hatred of government, which has filled everyone outside the tax-eater class. David Cameron and Gordon Brown are now running scared. They even accuse Nick Clegg of having no substance to his politics despite Nick Clegg being the only contender for the prize who has produced a costed manifesto. (Obviously, it's full of appalling holes, but at least it has some numbers there, unlike either of the other two parties.)

But it doesn't matter anyway. Because no-one is going to 'examine' Nick Clegg's policies with a 'more forensic' attitude, simply because he's higher in the current polls than either Cameron or Brown. Voters will go on their gut, just like they always do. And they hate Brown, and they think Cameron is a slippery chancer. Cameron had a chance, because even a slippery chancer is better than a robotic Stalinist tyrant. But has Clegg become 'real' and 'substantive'? This must be the question which is terrifying Tory Party HQ.

Because the tax-payers in this country are sick of the Conservatives and they are sick of Labour, but given only the other one as a choice, they keep swinging from one to the other in a bid to remove themselves from the useless growing oppression of big parasitical government. Cameron's big hope was that he could wave the same 'Change' banner that Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair thrust into the sky, and convince the voters that somehow the Tories have changed from the last time they were in office, when they were the most corrupt government that Britain has ever had.

Obviously, the Labour Party have now adopted that despicable mantle, but in the TV debates Nick Clegg (apparently) demonstrated that he is a realistic contender. I didn't spot this myself, because he just looks like a political clone to me, with nothing to say other than "I'm not Gordon or Dave", but I can accept that he was at least different.

This may mean that he has wrested the crucial 'Change' banner out of the hands of slippery David Cameron.

Possibly, he has. And if he does the same job with the next two TV debates, in which Brown and Cameron will fight a joint dirty war to bring him down, he could be a major player in the next British government.

Obviously, nothing will change if he is. But at least we'll have had a bit of fun in the process, and we will give the next bunch of muppets another five years to prove once again that government doesn't work. And we'll forget the lesson of the previous hundred years, that it never does, never has, and never will.

It seems we take a long time to learn this kind of lesson. Yes, the 'Big Society' idea of Cameron or the 'Orange Book' idea of Clegg may help us shake off a little democratic socialism, eventually, but I hold little hope of that.

But eventually we will learn the lesson, when the 200-year experiment with socialism/democracy (they're the same thing) finally falls apart. Let's hope that this is within our lifetimes. I, for one, am getting bored with waiting for this real substantive change.

The route for the collapse of big government will be one of states breaking apart. And this process may have been underway for some time. As well as Scotland and other European nations gradually breaking away from larger unions, the first real big sign that democracy is finished is when a small part of the United States successfully breaks away, without being nuked back into line by Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

It may just be a single city.

So when the Free Spanish Republic of Miami is formed, or the Free English Dominion of Portsmouth, or the Free Trade City of Anchorage, then we'll know that we're getting somewhere.

Secession, anyone?

Ash Cloud: It's all been a panicked over-reaction by government

Just as I was beginning to suspect, the entire Ash Cloud episode has been nothing more than an over-zealous health and safety spat by bureaucratic regulators gold-plating contrived rules based upon computer models bearing little linkage to reality.

So, just like anthropogenic global warming then.

Oh well, it's only the convenience and livelihoods of millions of people trashed on the back-burner. And at least the British government had consular staff on-hand at airports to advise people to turn around and go back to their hotels, in case they were incapable of working that out for themselves.

This, after all, is what we pay our taxes for.

Global warming may trigger more volcanoes

Dear Lord, it had to happen I suppose, that the AGW bugs wouldn't let a good black swan natural event go to waste.

I wonder how much more volcanic the medieval warm period was (which was much warmer than it is today)? Have any AGW scientists done any research on this question?

To ask the question is to know the answer.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

King Canute reveals limits to his power

"No politician in Europe is able to stop a volcano exploding"

Although I'm open to the idea that the whole Icelandic Ash Cloud story has been a massive 'Elf'n'Safety' over-reaction by jobsworth regulators, it might still prove a genuine reasonable safety precaution. However, it was interesting this morning to hear Gordon Brown reveal the limits of his powers, on the Andrew Marr show, when he actually admitted that even politicians couldn't stop a volcano from exploding. (Yes, I'm afraid it's true. The Godhead of the British State actually stated that he had limits to his powers.)

So, our Great Leader and Teacher of the Nation, the Benevolent Friend of Children, the Mountain Trojan of Caledonia, the Greatest Genius of Our Times, the Titan of the Global Economy, the Best Disciple of the Human Spirit, the Most Profound Theoretician of Modern Times, is not omnipotent nor omniscient after all?

Cor, lumme, guv, who would have Adam and Eved it!

Thanks for letting us know, Gordon. For a moment there I thought you were just resting and testing our resolve before you decided to blow it out with one mighty super breath.

The Ash Cloud - It's not all been a health and safety over-reaction, has it?

Oh dear. It would appear that the concentrations of ash from the Icelandic volcano in the air over Europe are so negligible as to pose no risk at all to jets.


Could it really be the case that government regulators have over-reacted, to protect their own backs, and with no financial consequence to themselves, but crippling the entire European travel industry in the process, and many other businesses, including my planned week-long trip to Singapore which I've been looking forward to for weeks?

Oh no, that couldn't possibly have happened.

Please God, let it end!

What? The Election? The Ash cloud?

Yes. Both.

I've been looking forward to going to Singapore for ages, and the trip is almost certainly off, and my plans for a Singapore escape will have to be put on ice. And I really don't think I can stand three more weeks of seeing Gordon Brown being wheeled from one safe house to another, delivering the same 1940s class war rhetoric (or three more weeks of Dave vs. Nick).

Please, God. Just let it end.

Airline bailout anyone?

No doubt Gordon Brown will be handing over my money, before the end of the week, to corporate welfare junkies in the airline industry, due to the current Ash spillover from Iceland.

If he does, my question to Gordon will be this:

"Seeing as I was due to fly out to Singapore this week, for a week-long trip, which would otherwise have generated a significant cash-flow for my business, and perhaps offered me future opportunities, will I also be getting a bail-out?"

Well, we already know the answer to that:

"No, small fry. Your job is to pay for the bail-outs to my friends, and all their voters ... sorry, employees ... who work for them. I already know you're not voting, so why would I bail you out with your own money? So shut up, and get on with it."

Jensten Buttonia - Wins in China!

The cherry beer is heading towards Maturin Towers.


Democracy is a God that has Failed - Especially in Iraq and Afghanistan

Shelling the Afghans into believing in Democracy, the God that has Failed

Simon Jenkins, of the Grauniad, tells it like it is.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Climategate: a scandal that won’t go away

Christopher Booker digs further into the self-interested corrupt promoters of anthropogenic global warming.

Just for fun, I thought we might take another look at that Michael Mann tribute video:

General Election 2010: Nice Nick Clegg can't believe his luck

Our Glorious Leader, and Teacher of the Nation, looks more and more like Nicolae Ceauşescu with every passing day

Sir Bufton Huffchester thinks that UKIP are the real conservative party and that if hapless Dave messes up again in next week's TV debate, then Nick Clegg might be taking seats off him.

Sir Huff also thinks, quite rightly, that it is impossible for Tyrant Brown to do any worse than he already did.

Personally, I could only stomach about half an hour of the 'Great Historic Debate' last week, before I had to go and defluff my spin dryer, but Nick Clegg to me had nothing more to say than 'I'm not one of the other two'.

That the Great God of Democracy should come to this; we're ruled over by a robot, we have a wet blouse trying to take over from him, and the up-and-coming star is a man whose face I start forgetting even while I'm looking at him.

Fortunately I had removed all of the heavy objects from around my television before I started watching the program, as I usually find it impossible to watch Gordon Brown without feeling either uncontrollably violent or uncontrollably ill (or both). But next week I don't think I'll bother. It really does look like I'm wrong in my predictions and that we should be seeing the end of him.

And although to me it matters not a jot which crummy pol gets the keys to Number Ten next month, I still think I'll be fairly happy to see this tyrant kicked back to Scotland. Let's hope that he loses his seat, too, to either the Liberals or the Scottish Nationalists.

That really would make my day.

Yes, I know it doesn't make a blind bit of difference to the Spend!, Spend!, Spend! machine of Whitehall, but I'll gather this rosebud while I may.

Peter Schiff: Income Tax vs. Consumption Tax

The Duke discusses the U.S. tax freedom day:

Debasing the Dollar and Yellen About a Fed Policy

The Mogambo Guru comes up with a Fabulous Mogambo Plan (FMP) to tackle the Federal Reserve's bureaucrats.

Alan Greenspan and the Ruination of the US Financial System

The Mogambo Guru discusses the merits of Extreme Mogambo Retribution (EMR) when talking about the role of Alan Greenspan in the exploded financial bubble we are currently living through.

An Introduction to Austrian Economics

A Gentleman is blogging on the Cobden Centre about which Austrian books an aspiring student of the tradition should start with in their quest to understand how real economics works. Good man.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Total Perspective Vortex - Size isn't everything

VY Canis Majoris? Crazy!

From Wikipedia:
VY Canis Majoris is the largest known star.

University of Minnesota professor Roberta M. Humphreys estimates the radius of VY CMa at 1,800 to 2,100 solar radii. To illustrate, if Earth's Sun were replaced by VY Canis Majoris, its radius might extend beyond the orbit of Saturn (about 9 AU). Assuming the upper size limit of 2100 solar radii, light would take more than 8 hours to travel around the star's circumference, compared to 14.5 seconds for the Sun. It would take 7×1015 Earths to fill the volume of VY Canis Majoris.

If the Earth were to be represented by a sphere one centimeter in diameter, the Sun would be represented as a sphere with a diameter of 109 centimeters, at a distance of 117 meters. At these scales, VY Canis Majoris would have a diameter of approximately 2.3 kilometers, assuming the upper limit estimate of its radius.

Uncle Gary - Economic Recovery! What Economic Recovery?

Is the U.S. housing market about to fall off a cliff?

The Northmeister is back on form again, with his current assessment of the U.S. economy and its 'recovery'.

(For U.S., read U.K.)

Debt Bombshell

The British government owes over £920 billion pounds to its creditors, and this amount is growing by half a billion pounds every day. Because politicians like spending (because voters like it) but don't like taxing (because voters don't like it), they fill the gap with borrowing, which immoral people lend to them on the basis that they trust that the British government will go round to people's houses with clubs, at some point in the future, and beat this money out of the people within its territorial control.

What these immoral lenders of money to the British government don't realise, is that although the British government may be borrowing in the name of the people under its cosh, those people did not agree to this borrowing, and as-yet-unborn children certainly did not agree to this borrowing. And there will come a point where all of these people will reject the cosh, the club, and the gun of government, and simply refuse to be bled white to continue making good on politicians promises to spend money on worthless projects which produce nothing of any value. Indeed, many of these projects (such as the ID card scheme) destroy value.

This then is AngloAustria's message to those people who continue propping up the British government by lending money to it. Repudiation will be the name of the game. You are not going to get your money back. The best you will get back is worthless paper. Personally, I prefer repudiation. It has a cleaner feel.

And I cannot understand why most (often libertarian) commentators think it is terrible if the British government defaults on its debt. I think it will be brilliant. For once, they will then be forced to live within their budget. And nobody will lend money to them for decades, perhaps centuries. Every promise they then make will have to be paid for in the present, and not paid for with promises pushed off into the future. As a result, government will shrink immeasurably as voters protect their pockets from the grasping useless dead hand of government.

Repudiation. It's time is coming.

Bring it on.

The stark truth of what the National Debt means for us all

Gordon Brown looks forward to his ex-prime ministerial pension, worth £5 million pounds

Azeem Ibrahim, of Conservative Home, details the British government debt crisis which is baked into the cake and headed our way:
Would you be shocked if you learned that every year, each household spends £100 of their tax on interest payments? How about £500? Because the true figure is a whopping £1,206, according to debt website

...It is getting much, much worse. By fiscal year 2014-15, that £45 billion we are giving to investors in interest is expected to almost double to an eye-watering £71 billion. That is more than the entire education budget.
Thanks, Gordon.

Sean Gabb's Magnificent Plan for the Tax Eaters

I can add little to Sean's plan, below, except that perhaps I feel he is being rather too generous. Read it, and see what you think yourself:

=> A Modest Proposal

My own ideal 'Austrianism In One Day' plan for the tax eaters is perhaps rather more radical. However, let's not spoil a magnificent first stab. In reality, beyond my fevered imagination, the road from here to proper Austrianism is a long one, and Sean's first small step on that road is a good one.

An Introduction to Austrian Economics

Jörg Guido Hülsmann and Hans-Hermann Hoppe cover virtually the entire introductory ground of Austrian Economics, in some amazing videos from Denmark, which I have chained together below into sequence. To my mind, Austrianism is always at its best when delivered with a Germanic accent.

Also, hier wir gehen:

Lectures covered:

Mises and the Austrian School (Hülsmann)
Value, Utility and Price (Hülsmann)
Division Of Labor and Money (Hoppe)
The Theory of Banking (Hoppe)
Capital and Interest (Hoppe)
Praxeology: The Austrian Method (Hoppe)
Business Cycle Theory (Hülsmann)
The Economics of Deflation (Hülsmann)
Theory and History (Hoppe)
Welfare Economics (Hülsmann)
Law and Economics (Hoppe)

(Respect to Nielso for his distribution of these superb videos)

Who is Steve Baker?

With Boris Johnson locked up in London and Daniel Hannan locked up in Brussels, I had thought that there was absolutely no hope left for British politics, until either of these men freed themselves up to tackle the monstrous Spend!, Spend!, Spend! machine in Whitehall.

However Maturin Towers has detected a tiny glimmer of the smallest amount of refracted Misesian light in the upcoming political career of Steve Baker, who is currently fighting in High Wycombe as the conservative party candidate, for this safe conservative seat.

This is the link to his Amazon wish list:


If you click through that, you will see the list in the shot above.

Obviously, there's not enough Hoppe, but with Man, Economy, and State appearing twice, it's certainly very interesting.

Is Austrianism on the rise in Britain? As the last best hope for civilisation, we certainly hope so.

Schiff Report - Modified Senate Challenge

The Duke talks briefly about his one week trip to China, but spends the majority of this report talking about his senate campaign. Due to lower-than-hoped-for donations, in the early part of April, he modifies his original challenge to include the planned May Day money bomb.

If I've got it right, he will now match, penny-for-penny, every cent raised over half a million dollars for both April and the May Day money bomb. So if April and May Day combined raised $850,000 dollars, then Mr Schiff would put $350,000 of his own dollars into the pot.

He is hoping that April and May Day combined raise $1 million, because then he will put half a million of his own into the pot:

Who is Peter Schiff?

Mr Schiff borrows the idea from the 'Who is Ron Paul?' campaign, a couple of years ago - itself taken from the 'Who is John Galt?' tag in Atlas Shrugged - to promote his identity in Connecticut, for his senatorial race:

Mogambo Roundup

Our hero, the Mogambo Guru, has been busy in the last few days:

Saudi Arabia is now exporting more oil to China than it is to the United States. China's oil demands from Saudi Arabia have also doubled in one year. Inducing himself into Super Mogambo Power Overload (SMPO), with glazed doughnuts and coffee, the Mogambo Guru wonders where this is going. With US oil consumption at 22 barrels a year, per person, and Chinese consumption still at only 2.4 barrels per year, per person, he thinks there's still a long way to go yet with his investment strategy based on gold, oil, and silver:

=> 12th April, Catatonic Oil Consumption

His Mogamboness works himself up into a froth of Pure Mogambo Spittle (PMS) in his discussion about Ben Bernanke's thoughts on having a fractional reserve of 0%, to 'avoid distortions in the banking system':

=> 13th April, Fearing the Elimination of Reserve Requirements

(Read the end of point 9 on the Federal Reserve's own web site if the above story sounds too screwy to be believable)

Finally, the Mogambo Guru melts down into a Mogambo Fit Of Outrage (MFOO), after calculating that the Marxist in the White House is currently borrowing $287.70 a week in the name of every U.S. citizen who actually pays taxes. Which is nice:

=> 14th April, US Deficit Spending: A Tough Pill to Swallow

Hutspitze zu Carsten

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Up in flames

The UK government is currently borrowing approximately £500 million pounds a day to keep its spending splurges going until the day when the pound finally collapses under all of this weight of debt. Half a billion pounds a day is an almost incomprehensible number of credit card spending, so I thought I'd try to concretise this.

Half a billion a day is approximately £10 pounds per person. So as you travel to work, on a bus or train, I want you to imagine every single person or child you see holding a ten pound note and then burning it in front of you with a lighter or match. They will be doing this every day, for the foreseeable future, as every pound the government spends is a wasted pound. So that's £70 pounds a week for every man, woman, and child in the country being burned every day, in borrowing alone.

Add onto this the other £30 pounds a day that is being taken from every single man, woman, and child in the country, in taxation, and destroyed in a similar manner so as to prop up all those useless wealthy Guardian readers in overpaid non-jobs, and you will realise why we are in such a financial mess. With government spending going over 50% of GDP, and approaching 52%, with more people taking from the pot than people being forced to fill the pot, then it soon becomes clear why we are on a desperate socialist road to nowhere.

So get those lighters out, peeps. Burn those ten pound notes in your imaginations.

Enjoy the flames.

Steven Moffat's Doctor Who could be very interesting indeed

The last Doctor Who chief writer, Russell T. Davies, was creative enough, but had the unfortunate habit of filling his Doctor Who episodes with politically correct messaging. From the first proper episode of the new man's reign, Steven Moffat, it would appear that things are going to get a lot more interesting.

Mr Moffat creates a future fascist Britain which is a police state filled with lies, pain, and exploitation (so, no change there then). This is the picture of the state, that the state likes to portray:

And yet, this is the picture of the state that reveals itself as soon as you scratch the surface and displease your masters:

Combine this with a form of 'democracy' in which you are fed to a gigantic monster if you choose to do anything other than forget the misery of the past five years, in every election, and I'm hoping that the hard-core Doctor Who fan Mr Moffat is going to prove far less politically insipid than the simpering luvvie, Mr Davies.

Fingers crossed.

Ecclesiastical communism in late medieval Münster

If you look carefully at the steeple of St Lambert's, in Münster, Germany, you can still see the cages in which were imprisoned the reign-of-terror anabaptists who subjected the city to a terrorist religious egalitarian communist state, in 1533

You might be under the impression that communism sprang fully-formed from the brow of Karl Marx. However, Karl Marx himself was simply the product of a long line of apocalyptic millennial thought springing from the growth of state-worshipping protestantism from Martin Luther onwards, in central European culture.

The only innovations of Marx were to take this religious millennialism and to add to it the modified economics of David Ricardo and to replace God with the state. (That's the short version. To read the long version, try Uncle Murray's The History of Economic Thought, Volume I, particularly Chapter 5, with the section on Münster beginning on page 150.)

Communist religious millennialism, awaiting a paradise on Earth, was to be ushered in by a returning Messiah. It was particularly prevalent in the city of Münster, in north western Germany, in the 1530s, under a theocratic anabaptist communist state seeking a 'New Jerusalem'.

Uncle Murray describes this bizarre reign-of-terror madness which overtook the Bishopric of Münster at that time, where even 'quarrelling' was punishable by the death sentence, as enforced by the church, and where polygamy became compulsory:


Fortunately for the people of Münster, they managed to overthrow the anabaptist ministers terrorising their lives and then caged their corpses for all to see, for the rest of time. You can still see these cages, today, in the photograph above.

We saw another glimpse of this insane 'millennialism' with the Christian socialist regime of Tony Blair, arising to power in 1997 and basing much of his rhetoric on the ancient millennial madness of Münster, constantly quoting how wonderful things would be in the year 2,000 if he was elected to create another 'New Jerusalem'. We fell for this flannel, and have spent the past thirteen years regretting it.

Let us never fall for this nonsense again.

HT to Paul

Stable Money Supply: The Real Way to Help the Poor

The Mogambo Guru explains how socialist expansion of the money supply impoverishes the poor and how capitalist stabilisation of the money supply enhances their prospects. Of course, the Monstrously Much Money (MMM) created by the Fed is pure monetary socialism. Thus, it is all going to end in a horrible amount of tears.

Hutspitze zu Carsten

Will someone please tell us the truth?

Janet Daley, of the LabourGraph, usually writes the most astonishingly dreadful conservative party propaganda. However, she is quite readable today, when talking about the general cowardice level of our political masters.