Friday, February 19, 2010

Wall St Unspun - February 17th, 2010

Lord Baron Andrew von Schiff takes the lead on this show, with a good breakdown of the Greek debt situation including some analysis on how Goldman Sachs have been helping the Greek government hoodwink the rheumy Teutonic eye of the ECB regulator.

Baron Schiff's brother, The Duke, turns up hot off the campaign trail in Bridgeport, Connecticut, about 45 minutes in with the Chinese retrenchment on US bonds, though he does lose contact on his phone just as he's getting into his stride, at about 50 minutes. Shame.

(I must say, if I had to live in America, I'd have to choose Connecticut because I'd feel right at home with the town names!):


(The YouTube isn't up yet - I'll update this blog when it is)

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