Monday, February 22, 2010

British Airways cabin crew vote in favour of strike action

Oh no, not again.

What a bunch of economically-illiterate muppets.

Well, hopefully British Airways will go completely bust this time and they can all find out what life is like on the dole, and all their planes and slots can be sold off to people willing to break out of the 1970s, and where 'pursers' actually have to serve customers on a flight, and all your mates and friends can't get free trips around the world in business class.

Hopefully this sale of slots and planes will be to Etihad, whose economy service is as good as BA's premium economy and whose business class makes BA's look like the bouncing double-seats on the London Underground's Bakerloo line.

UPDATE: Here's our previous thoughts on the earlier planned Christmas strike:

=> Why does BA have any passengers left?

Picture of Jack Maturin sleeping rough at Lagos Airport, Nigeria, outside the 'Cockpit Bar', during the last British Airways strike


Paul said...

I have taken a vow not to fly any airlines that strike.

List so far:
British Airlines

Air Baltica
Czech Airlines

Jack Maturin said...

No doubt (unfortunately) when BA does go bust, the British government will try to bail them out as a too-big-to-fail, but hopefully they will have run out of money by then.

Anonymous said...

Its the crew that strike, not BA! If you dislike BA so much why buy a ticket from them in the first place?. I hope BA can get rid of their spoilt petulant crews that strike and get back to being the great airline they once were.