Thursday, February 11, 2010

To win, Cameron must convince the public to trust politicians again

I know I shouldn't post comments on The Labourgraph, as it's bad for my mental health, but Benedict Brogan wrote a particularly wrong-headed piece this morning, about trusting politicians, which I felt deserved a response. I wonder if the moderators will let it through? I'll update the date on it if they do:

UPDATE: For once, it appears the moderator has forgotten to block me! :-)
Jack Maturin on February 11, 2010 at 09:05 AM

Trust politicians, Benedict?

Yes, I'll trust politicians. I'll trust them to tell lies to gain power and influence within the heavily-lobbied law-creation system to feather their own nests. I'll trust them to do whatever it takes, including wrecking the long-term prospects of this country, to seek short-term re-election so that they can continue to feather their own nests, and I'll trust them to beggar me and my family to ensure that they and their friends need never work again while hoovering up enormous state salaries and pensions, while selling favours to lobbyists to pick up even larger payments on the side.

I'll also trust them to keep borrowing in my name to use the money to buy votes for themselves, I'll trust them to keep inflating to destroy my savings so they can use them to pump up their expenses, and I'll trust them to keep selling this country down the river to ensure they get nice fat easy jobs in Europe when they finally get voted out of office.

I'm also sure the rest of us can trust them to keep telling lies over global warming, to keep increasing the regulations which constrict our lives, to keep increasing taxes to make working for a living worthless, and to keep increasing the numbers of bureaucrats in this country, all of them feasting upon the public purse.

In short, we can keep trusting politicians to do what politicians do. Cheat, lie, steal, and look out for number one.

Why does anyone ever expect them to do anything else?

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