Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The state hates competition

Word reaches Maturin Towers that a superb local school in Reading, the Elvian School, is about to shut down. This non-selective school has an amazing educational record but was struggling with its finances. However, local developers proposed to take some of the extensive lands of the school and build a sports centre on it and some housing. This would all have been done without any taxpayer support. The profits from this business venture would have been enough to secure the future of the school.

Unfortunately Reading borough council decided to deny planning permission for the sports centre (presumably the people of Reading are fit enough, already, even all of the ones you find in the many Kentucky Fried Chicken shops all over the city).

This refusal of 'planning permission' means, almost certainly, that the school will close in June, with hundreds of pupils then needing to be decanted into other local crowded sink-hole schools, mainly run of course by Reading borough council (Fancy that?), which will no doubt be greatly upset by the several thousands of extra pounds of funding it will receive from central government each year for each extra child it now gets to indoctrinate, sorry, educate.

Oh, did I mention that the Elvian School is a private school?

The state really does hate competition.

The Elvian School is unusual in that it set very low fees and is non-selectional on entry. This means it is (was) affordable and attainable by less bright children from lower income families, thereby allowing them an escape route from the hoodie hell-holes of state-provided education in that area.

What is left now in the Reading/Henley area are various dreadful state schools, mainly falling down, one or two selectional state schools, with about 20 pupils aiming to grab each spot in examinations which even Hermione Granger would find tough, and several extremely expensive selectional private schools, several of which are stuck in the 1890s in terms of attitude, where the teachers try to impress you by showing you their boys on 'mock' Afghanistan missions for their school cadet forces (meat grinder warfare state officer schools).

In the entire Reading/Henley area you now therefore have a choice of educating your children under welfare state communism or warfare state conservatism. The only other school which values freedom and peace is the horrifically expensive Leighton Park Quaker school, which also has tough examination entry requirements due to the sheer number of children trying to get in, desperate to avoid the welfare and warfare schools mentioned above.

The children of the Elvian school will now have to accept either these welfare or warfare schools, or join the long expensive queue to get into Leighton Park (which despite its exclusive private status still managed to educate the children of Champagne Socialist Luvvies, Lenny Henry and Dawn French).

No doubt, similar 'politics of envy' madness is going on all over this country, as we slum down into even deeper levels of decivilisation, with bolt-hole after bolt-hole shut down by all of the useless government agents and other parasites infesting all levels of government to try to bring everyone else down to their own primitive bovine level.

And so now the many Reading borough council state schools which surrounded the Elvian School can now relax and slum down even further, as their main accessible private competition has been snuffed out by Reading borough council.

Well done, Reading councillors. The Socialist Gods of Envy will be proud of you.

Oh, and to hell with the parents and the children of all those people about to be thrown out of the Elvian School, as they struggle to find somewhere else to be educated. No doubt Reading borough council will 'offer' them alternative arrangements. Though as it is usually only the 'worst-of-the-worst' bog standard comprehensives which ever have any unsubscribed places left over, I don't fancy their chances much.

Thanks, socialism.

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