Thursday, February 04, 2010

Bank of England pauses printing-money policy as economy emerges from recession

Yeah, for about five minutes.

Notice even The Labourgraph sub-editor uses the word 'pause' rather than the word 'cease'.

The only question in my mind is whether they resume their mass-counterfeiting either openly, via an official resumption of QE, or clandestinely, via a larger volume of 'open-market' operations.

Jokers one and all.

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not an economist said...

If they seriously stop the monetary expansion for any amt of time then the economy will simply collapse. At which point they will start it up again.

Keynesians effectively admit this themselves when they claim the reason the American economy stalled in 1937 (supposedly after 4 or so "good" years under FDR's expansionary policies) was because the monetary belt was tightened.

Maybe part of the problem is that these people don't even understand their own policies or the evidence they use to support them.