Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Stiglitz gets it wrong, again

Check out this Labourgraph story:

=> Greek crisis intensifies as Joe Stiglitz calls for Europe to 'teach the speculators a lesson'

Oh no, Joseph, mein freund, I think you have this caboose way in front of this particular Trojan horse. Methinks the speculators are going to teach 'Europe' a lesson (or should that be, teach the idiot central planners of the EU a lesson, who think that reality can be bucked by puerile wish fulfilment).

These ersatz imperial planners have long wished to create a copy of the Roman Empire. And now they're going to get their wish, as their inflationary mismanagement brings down the ravening hordes from the North.

I think the Huns are going to win this one, Herr Stiglitz, just like they did the first time around when Attila was in charge. George Soros is Hungarian, after all.

Es ist sehr interessant, nicht war?

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