Thursday, November 05, 2009

Daniel Hannan resigns from European Parliament post

I found myself last night watching a pathetic and dissembling William Hague defending David Cameron's decision to now not have a national referendum on the British government's ratification of the EU Lisbon Treaty, which was signed in a closed unphotographed room by Gordon Brown a few months ago.

The moment I realised what Cameron had done was the moment I finally lost all and any hope for the Conservative Party.

It now to me makes absolutely no difference which political party runs the talking shop in Westminster. It can be Gordon, or Dave, or even Mrs Miggins from the pie shop. Power has finally come completely to rest in Brussels, and from now on we can expect this police power to wax its muscles and properly begin to oppress the people of Europe, as was the dream of Napoleon and Hitler, and the nightmare of George Orwell.

The Roman Empire is finally back, after sixteen hundred years in the wilderness.

And the reason for this change of 'policy' in the Conservative Party? Because the Czech government have ratified the EU Lisbon Treaty.

Well, it's nice to know William Hague thinks so much of the Czechs, when I had been under the mistaken impression that he 'represented' his own constituents in Yorkshire and the 'People of Britain'.

Secession from the EU will still come, of course. That much is fairly predictable, but now this secession will be much more painful, given that the Stupid Party has blocked the peaceful route out.

Which brings us to Daniel Hannan, and his resignation from being an 'official' Tory spokesman.

Bravo, sir. At least there is one man in the Tory Party who has still got some spunk left inside him, unlike the spineless spavined William Hague.

I think it's time for that video again:

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