Thursday, November 26, 2009

Iraq war deal ‘signed in blood’ by Blair in 2002

Check out this quote, from the Labourgraph story:

Tony Blair and George Bush might have “signed in blood” their agreement to topple Saddam Hussein a year before the Iraq war, according to Sir Christopher Meyer, Britain’s former ambassador to Washington.
The question is, of course, whose blood did they sign this deal with?

The million+ Iraqis killed since the war broke out, or the hundreds or thousands of UK and US servicemen and servicewomen killed or maimed since the war broke out?

You can bet Blair didn't break any skin signing up to this war. He just took all the cheques siphoned to him via speaking fees, from the US government.

Nice one, Tony. I hope your "Catholic" faith has allowed you to absolve yourself of the sin of all these deaths.

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