Friday, November 27, 2009

Peter Schiff: AngloAustria makes 'Wall St Unplugged' AGAIN! :-)

The first time one of your AngloAustrian commentators made it onto a Peter Schiff 'Wall St Unplugged' broadcast was the day that I nearly fell off the treadmill at my local gym, after sending an email to Peter and his brother Andrew about the Panic of 1873, which referenced Tom Woods's 'Meltdown'.

But we got another mention this week, after posting a long quote from Mr Schiff's 2006 article about what constitutes a gold bubble. I had seen 'Westport, Connecticut' pop up in the FEEDJIT Live Traffic Feed on the sidebar of this site, accessing that blog piece via a Google search, but to hear my suspicions confirmed about who this might be, on a 'Wall St Unplugged' podcast, absolutely made my day as I drove along the back road between Henley and Caversham to get my Christmas shopping in early.


Here's the quote, from Mr Schiff, about 5:52 into the podcast:

"...Actually I saw it [the piece on how to recognise a gold bubble], somebody had referenced it in a blog; it came up on a Google search..."
Even more marvellous.

Okay, so it's not much on the global scale of things, but it helps keep me going. (BTW, Peter, if you're reading this, when are you going to open that Euro Pacific Capital office in London? Forget Toronto. We need an office in London. I even know at least one person who'll be first on the list of applicants to work there, to try to sell Austrian money management and pension plans to the British people to help save them from Gordon Brown's stupidity.)

Anyhow, back to the show, and away from my obsequious crawling. This is one of the most memorable 'Wall St Unplugged' podcasts on record, on many fronts. First of all, we have the monologue of all monologues, to kick the show off. Mr Schiff explains the 'gold bubble', what's going to happen to the dollar, gives an explanation of the Swiss Franc rising above the dollar for the first time ever, and references many other related topics. And get this. He does this Great Monologue, one of his best, on a mobile telephone, without any discernible break, whilst being driven to his mother's house in Florida, getting out of the car, getting into the house, and connecting himself to the Internet and onto a better-sounding land line.

I'm guessing he must be using an iPhone and a bluetooth-connected MacBook Pro, for ease of use, but even so, this is a heck of a performance. I can hardly pour a cup of coffee and speak on the phone at the same time, without making a big brown mess of things, so this was quite a performance.

I think this seemingly effortless monologue must have taken something out of him though, because he is usually smooth as silk even with the stupidest of callers, and the most polite (though firm) radio host that you've ever heard, even when people are being hostile towards him.

Unfortunately, a leading contender in "The World's Stupidest and Least Socially-Aware Person" competition phoned in, asking about ETFs, and he pushed Mr Schiff to the absolute limit of politeness. This caller would have pushed me into the abyss of extreme violence, never mind ruffle my feathers, but somehow Der SchiffMeister managed to get to the end of the call without breaking out a machine gun. I would have been breaking out a Bazooka, armed with Uranium-tipped explosive shells.

With bells on.

So this then is a great podcast; one of Mr Schiff's best. And AngloAustria gets a tangential reference too! What could be better?:


(Subscribe to the podcast here.)


Archie Dean said...


Talking of Peter Schiff (along with Gerald Celente and others) check this out - assuming you haven't already - it's good stuff.

Dollar Bubble

Archie Dean

Jack Maturin said...

Is there a link?

Archie Dean said...

Sorry 'bout that - the link doesn't work. Where did I do wrong?

While I try and figure it out I'll resort to the more basic "cut and paste" option!!


Jack Maturin said...

Got it.

Cheers fella! ;-)