Thursday, November 05, 2009

Big Pharma hates the Internet

I was trundling back to Henley from Paddington today, on the world's slowest Great Western train, when I saw a billboard splashed with the morgue photo above, at Slough station. I can't remember the exact slogan, but it was something like "Get real. Avoid Internet drugs. Get a prescription."

The message was clear: "If you choose and buy your own drugs over the Internet, and treat yourself, rather than going through a state-appointed doctor, whom we can more easily target with our Big Pharma sales concentration techniques, then you will die. Horribly. So don't ruin our profits. Don't do anything without the state's permission. You know it makes sense."

The bill-board advert was covered in Big Pharma logos, such as Pfizer, and a range of others, as on this website.

How dare people take control of what they ingest! How dare people treat themselves! How dare people take decisions without permission from the relevant health organs!

You'd think the tax sheep were independent rational free human beings with souls and minds of their own, rather than mindless worker drones educated to be fleeced by government, government health professionals, and Big Pharma.

It's an outrage!

Remember folks, with adverts such as this Big Pharma is only thinking of you. It cares nothing at all for the gigantic fat profits it is making out of you via the British state's NHS health cartel.

Right, now I've got that off my chest, where can I get that viagra I need?

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