Monday, November 30, 2009

The dead hand of the state

The seven deadliest NHS hospitals have been identified in a damning British government report.

Harold Shipman, the famous English mass murderer and NHS doctor, killed 15 people, and possibly many more. Some statistical surveys put the real number at a conservative figure of 218 murders, though possibly up to 400.

Which funnily enough is exactly the same number of people killed at Basildon University hospital, the filthiest and most disgusting in the entire NHS (which is saying something).

Now if I was feeling emotional today, I would say "Murdered by Socialism", but it's been a good day today, so I'll just say "Killed". At 80 people a year, that's more than one person a week killed in Basildon hospital by the utter incompetence and bad management of the NHS, the poster child of British socialism. (And this is the figure released by British government statisticians - multiply it by three, if you want a more realistic figure.)

Now let's just do a thought experiment.

Imagine a country in which all hospitals were private, and socialists discovered one in which your chances of dying were 33% higher than the average for all other comparable hospitals. Can you imagine the headlines: "Capitalist Greed Murders By the Hundred", "Death and Pestilence caused by Private Medicine", or even "The Poorest in Need Killed by the Richest in Greed".

There would be calls for outright nationalisation of the entire hospital system to prevent such outrages. Gordon Brown would be fulminating in his accusations of the downfall of the capitalist system, and socialists would be marching on Basildon University hospital to demand that all of its greedy capitalist running-dog managers be hung, drawn, and quartered.

But because we live with a horrific socialised medical system managed by quangocrats and bureaucrats, there's not a peep out of any of these people.

Harold Shipman got jailed for killing his NHS patients. It would seem that when the NHS kills its patients more anonymously, the only solution that anyone can think of is to raise taxes even further to pump more money into this failed communist health system.

The NHS should be privatised immediately. As with the schools, just give it to the nurses and the doctors, in a giant act of homesteading, if you want to, to prevent any more people dying unnecessarily. But it must be taken out of the dead hand of the state as quickly as possible.

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