Monday, November 23, 2009

LewRockwell RoundUp, 23rd November

Today's Maturin Towers top three, from Mr Rockwell:

=> The Very Bright Future of Gold
Robert Blumen on its coming official recognition, and vastly higher price.

An interesting discussion on whether gold is currently in a bubble.

=> Wall Street Is Living It Up, Everyone Else Is Suffering
Marc Faber on a very strange economy.

Our favourite Swiss gentleman analyses the market and claims that gold will never drop below $1,000 dollars, ever again (thus contradicting his opinion on $800 dolllar gold a few days ago, which is interesting).

=> Crooked Scientists Under the Microscope
Their emails reveal their lies.

None of the lying British government environmentalist 'scientists' involved in this University of East Anglia conspiracy are denying the truth of these emails, merely hiding under the feeble "I cannot comment on illegally obtained information" mantra, that so unsuccessfully failed to work for British MPs in the recent corrupt expenses scandal. If you haven't read about this environmentalist scam, then what are you waiting for?

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