Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Britain has run out of money, the CBI is told

Oh lumme, read this article and weep. Received opinion is that we are nearly out of the recession. Oh dear. Has nobody outside of sites like this one realised that the recession has only just started?

Notice also paragraphs like the following:

An immediate "emergency growth budget" is promised if he wins the election which will include cuts in corporation tax. Unfortunately, it's a reality for a nation as fiscally challenged as this one that politicians cannot blithely go around promising tax cuts with no method of funding them. Mr Cameron plans to pay for these reductions by cancelling allowances and other reliefs.
So Cameron is going to pay for a tax cut by increasing taxes? How's that for 'radical free market thinking'?

I don't like to even whisper it, Dave, but have you ever thought of cutting government spending, to pay for tax cuts? Or are the millions of New Labour non-jobs you've been complaining about for ten years suddenly 'productive' and 'economically uplifting'?

Or is it just that if millions of non-job holders realise you're going to sack them, to release the resources wasted on them to fund useful stuff, including re-employing them in proper jobs where they'll have to do some work, that they'll all vote Labour to keep you out of power?

I wonder.

Democracy is a God that has Failed.

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