Monday, November 30, 2009

Global Warming: What is it all about?

Perfection, to an environmentalist, is North Korea - Do you want to live there too? Or if given a choice would you prefer to live in South Korea? How much longer will the environmentalists allow you the choice?

Stephan Kinsella has provided access to a superb lecture by Professor Richard S. Lindzen, of MIT, on the global warming debate. It is required viewing for all those who are sick to death of being called 'deniers' and 'so-called sceptics' by the arrogant socialist dullards in the eco-mentalist movement:


UPDATE: It's worth bearing in mind when reading the PDF - written more than six months ago - that the data contained within it is still heavily based on the corrupted HadCRUT data, though the presentation is still greatly worth reading despite that. For more on the corruption of the HadCRUT data, it is also very much worth reading Professor Tim Ball's much more recent summary.

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