Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scotland, be brave!

At my last Rab Burns evening, where I toasted the Haggis and did something rather bizarre with a silver knife while surrounded by grinning Scotsmen, I really did wonder why on Earth the proud nation of Scotland had allowed itself to be subsumed into the English morass of glum mercantilist socialism.

Obviously, on investigation, I found that this was due to a craven tax-fed elite of statists selling out a thousand years of history in order to feather their own beds. However, now is the time to reverse that gargantuan error.

With the British government standing on the edge of a financial precipice, hopefully many in Scotland will wonder why they are still ruled over by this hideous malformed beast, and the hideous malformed Gordon Brown, and opt for secession instead, to give themselves a smaller and more controllable government.

Alas, because of all sorts of historical reasons, this first independent Scottish government will probably be a crypto-socialist one, but fortunately, the smaller a government gets, generally the easier its wings are to clip by the people and the more obvious its corruption becomes, also allowing it to be restrained through the powers of embarrassment and public humiliation.

So however Scottish secession is achieved, I will raise a large dram for it, and will try to be there on the first day of their freedom, at the 'Freedom and Whisky' party organised by David Farrer (if he sends me an invite). I shall bring a large bottle of Glenmorangie to celebrate the occasion.

Through various complicated genealogical tangles, I am also fortunate in being able to wear at least two different tartans, so I may even splash out and wear my first kilt as we watch the fireworks going off over Edinburgh castle.

So, come awn Scotland. Just what are ye waitin' fer? The time fer secession is NOO!

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