Monday, November 30, 2009

George Monbiot: I have seldom felt so alone

George Monbiot, Yesterday

What's peculiar about Climategate, is that while virtually the entire Internet community, including even fracking George Monbiot, are discussing it, we will go into the Cophenhagen conference with every 'World Leader' mouthing the platitudes of global warming as if nothing has changed from the 'established consensus' that the liars and Eco-Fascists at East Anglia have been corruptly building for all of these years.

Oh well.

At least we now know that George Monbiot doesn't like it up 'im.


AL said...

I was even appalled to be watching Countryfile with John Craven blaming the floods in Cumbria on global warming!!!
Is this man completely clueless??
Are we never to expect lakes to burst their banks??

Jack Maturin said...

No, AL. Never!

The weather must remain identical every year for the rest of time. If it doesn't, then that will be the fault of the free market.

We can also build on flood plains with impunity, and fail to maintain our drainage systems and bridges, and build houses in river valleys, close to rivers, and we should expect nothing other than a calm Spring day, each and every day for the rest of time.

So stop complaining, you heretic.