Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nearly one in three schools failing children, Ofsted finds

So, a government body has found that approximately one third of Britain's state schools don't even come up to the British state's own piss-poor standards.

Solution One:

Wring our hands, raise tax, increase numbers of inspectors and targets, pay consultants to investigate situation and write long incomprehensible reports, sack no-one, close no schools, keep going as we are, into the long slow death of unbelievable incompetence.

Solution Two:

Privatise every single "failing" school, allow newly appointed private heads to sack useless teachers, re-imburse all parents of affected children with all the tax that is spent on these schools, and then watch these schools rocket to the top of the performance league tables within five years and outstrip every other state school around them.


I wonder which solution they'll choose?

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