Thursday, November 12, 2009

The US creates its own NHS

It just seems bizarre to me.

The NHS in Britain is a rotten over-manned, over-paid, over-pensioned, filthy, disgusting waste of taxpayers' money, where you have to beg to be lucky enough to be placed on months-long queues for the simplest of treatments.

Doctors are arrogant, impossible to sack, massively compensated, and you're lucky to get more than two minutes with one before they're pushing you out of the door with a Big Pharma script in your hand.

If we had a National Food Service in the UK, the NFS, we all know that we would be queueing all week for filthy rotten potatoes, but still we put up with the same kind of miserable 'service' from the producer-led NHS.

And America wants to have the same system over there.

Oh Dear Lord.

They fight a revolution to get the British government out of their lives, and 250 years later they are copying the worst examples of British government stupidity.

Yes, we all know Obama is an Acorn-Chicago-Machine communist. But for the rest of the US government to push through this horrible health bill, to create an American NHS, is simply incredible.

If I was a Texan, an Alaskan, a Californian, a Hawaiian, or best of all a Vermonter in the "Green Mountain Boys" liberation army, I would be brushing off my legal text books on secession.

Its time has come.

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