Thursday, November 19, 2009

Stop the world, I want to get off

I woke up this morning to a dreary grey and cold Heathrow, back in Blighty, to then face a miserable-looking passport inspector. Instead of saying, "Thank you Mr Maturin for coming back to the UK to pay my salary and pension, and for feeding, housing, and educating all of my children," he merely said, "Ok", and allowed me to proceed on my way.

I had thought US passport checkers were the most surly and miserable on Earth. I shall soon start reforming my opinion, if this sea of uniformed unhappiness continues, at Terminal Three. If you're all so unhappy, passport checkers, go and get a job doing something else. You really won't be missed. And this feeble pretence that you're now "cracking down on illegal immigration" is just so laughable, as the hordes of Asians crowded in behind me, to go and visit their relatives in Slough (where most of the passport checkers live) that I was finding it really tough to keep a straight face.

On the way back to Henley my driver then proceeded to fill me in on Gordon Brown's continuing ineptitude with the Queen's speech, where I am to be expected to spend the next ten years with my nose to a grindstone, keeping up the salaries and pensions of his government sector parasites, to the level at which they have become accustomed. Thanks, Gordon. Yet another reason to figure a way out for escaping this socialist prison that the UK is becoming.

Anyway, enough of me; what's the Bank of England been up to while I've been away? Remarkably, they've managed to massage down the inflation rate to a mere 11%.

As they had inflation at around 10% for the entire decade of Gordon Brown as Chancellor, thus creating the present bust, they have almost made things only slightly worse than this, as they have tried to reflate their way out of Gordon's bust. Which is a terrific effort.

Green shoots anyone? Yeah, really. Give it a couple of years and Britain is going to be the basket case of Europe, perhaps only superceded by the US as being the place with the most rapidly declining living standards in the world.


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