Friday, November 20, 2009

The age of the iPhone has arrived

Okay, so some of you may have been smugly sitting out there with your iPhone for quite some time, but mine arrived today, for the first time, and I am suitably impressed.

Being able to watch YouTubes on LewRockwell is certainly a lot of fun, on the move, and once I've figured it all out, I should start being quite dangerous with it, especially once I've got the hang of Twitter.

I must say though, it's not quite as 'out of the box' as I thought it would be. To manage my tasks, calendar, and email, I've had to fiddle for several hours with all sorts of third-party software and web-syncing systems.

Even for a former hard core Unix hacker, this was less than total fun.

But we have arrived, at the end, in the 3G world. It also works as a phone.

C'est magnifique!


Paul said...

Ok,here's a list of apps you might want to get:
SharePrice (free, for stockprices)
Gold Live! (free, from kitco)
Facebook (free)
Twitterific (free, there are others)
Shazam (free, to tell you what song you are hearing, from radio, if you hear anything in your head, go see shrink)
Google Earth (free)
Wikipanion (free, there are others)
Dictionary (free)
Skype (free, calling like from a regular skype, free to other users, for a fee to regular numbers, needs wifi)
Stanza (free, ebook reader, can download Human Action; Man, Economy and State)
Coins (free, see real money in amazing details!)
Shaekespeare (free, you're English, right? :-)
Bump (free, super cool way to chnage electronic business cards with other iPhone users you meet)
Political Quiz (free, the world smallest political quiz - google)
RK free (free, to track you outdoor sports)

Jack Maturin said...

Tip top!

Cheers, Paul.

David Farrer said...

I'm about to get a new phone and was thinking about one of these. I've never managed to post to Blogger with my existing T-Mobile MDA phone. Have you posted from the iPhone? And is the touch keypad manageable?

All the best.


Jack Maturin said...

I've posted one comment to Twitter so far, but I haven't managed to figure out how do a Blogger post yet (which is more than a mere link to 'Freedom and Whisky').

If I do manage it, I'll do a piece on it! ;-)

I must say, they're damn sexy things. I haven't slept with it yet, but I keep thinking about it! :-)

Much much more appealing than a Blackberry, or any of those sordid other things Big-Watched City Boys use.

I'm thinking of getting a Mac Book Pro as my next laptop, too, and ditching all my PC stuff.

Apples, for me, really are the way things should be.

Paul said...

The keyboard is learnable but it's still on the screen and thus no physical feedback. I would say that you should try it somewhere before you buy.

I haven't blogged with it but I have made notes on it without much hassle.