Sunday, November 29, 2009

The NHS should not waste our cash on homeopathy

I normally try to avoid commenting on The Labourgraph, these days, to try to retain my sanity. However, this morning I saw some do-gooding know-it-all twonk called Alasdair Palmer write some bilge about why the NHS should be banned from 'wasting' money on homeopathy.

Just for the record, I have used homeopathy in the past and found it highly beneficial and much more effective than 'orthodox' medicine. It actually removed a life-long condition I had that had required continuous NHS treatment previous to this, from childhood. Even now, ten years after I stopped this and all other NHS treatments, being completely drug free for ten years, my NHS quack still can't believe I no longer need any of his Big Pharma products and keeps pushing me to go back on them. (Have you noticed that if anyone other than state-appointed drones pushes drugs onto you, that it's called CRIME, but if it's done by the state then it's called HEALTH CARE?)

Now I don't care whether homeopathy works because of psychosomatic effects, immunological effects, or any other kind of effect. It worked for me, for whatever reason, and works for millions of other people. But all of that is still completely irrelevant. What is important is not on what the NHS spends 'its' money, but where the NHS gets 'its' money from.

And also don't give me any tomfoolery about 'quackery' or the like. I worked for three years in a major English teaching hospital, gaining first class qualifications in anatomy, biochemistry, and pharmacology, and spent a year working as a surgical assistant in operating theatres, including assisting with amputations, bladder carcinomas, colostomies, spleen removals, thyroid operations, atheroscleroma arterial bypasses, penis straightening operations (I kid you not), and much more besides; though the penis straightening operations do kind of stand out (as it were).

So 'Orthodox Medicine Fans', don't come all know-it-all with me, about medicine, unless you're a qualified medical doctor with at least three years' experience. I know my Ganong from my Grays Anatomy. I am also quite competent with a surgical hacksaw, so beware.

Here's my comment on The Labourgraph. Yes, it's pointless writing such things to try to benefit others. But it is good therapy:

Jack Maturin on November 29, 2009 at 08:49 AM

The NHS should not waste our cash on homeopathy?

No, Alisdair, you've got this completely the wrong way round.

We should not waste our money on the NHS. We should be allowed to keep our money, to then spend it on whatever we want, whether homeophathy, orthodox medicine, cream cakes, Cuban cigars, or even Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

That is, of course, if you believe in freedom and liberty, rather than socialism and compulsion.


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