Sunday, November 22, 2009

The one-eyed man is king

Check out this wretched story, in The Labourgraph:

=> Gordon Brown gets poll boost as Tory lead slashed

After nearly 13 years of Labour chaos, a degenerating economy, millions upon millions of more people either on government welfare or in government non-jobs, state intrusion into every aspect of our lives, a craven caving-in of power to the EU, and a hundred and one other rotten decivilising measures, Gordon Brown is still in with a chance of winning the next election.

If that strikes you as being a bit bombastic, then there is certainly a very good chance of a hung parliament, with the socialist Liberal Democrats joining the socialist Labour Party in a coalition, to continue the left-wing march to economic destruction and the complete absorption of English civilisation, such as it is, into the body politic of the EUSSR.

The socialist Tories have completely flopped on the EU card and are quite rightly seen as being nothing more than Chancers on the make, with David Cameron a pale cardboard cut-out of a feeble Tony Blair Mk II.

So in a way it is right that a hung parliament is the most likely outcome at the next election, because wherever you turn there are socialists. Yes, some favour subsidising one group (the farmers) over another group (the teachers), with subsidies for bankers being increased by all political parties. But there's no real difference between any of these bloodsuckers.

If you vote for one of these lizards, creatures of a civil service Mafia to fool us that we are free, you are therefore just legitimising the rotten political system in Britain which enables men like Gordon Brown to mis-spend and waste an entire country's resources on the failed policies of a failed ideology.

However you vote, the British government will get back in again. Yes, Democracy is a God that has Failed, and if you participate in this charade by voting, then you will only be continuing the degeneracy of the failure.

So don't waste your time.

Don't vote. You'll only encourage 'em. Masturbate on polling day, instead. At least you'll get back a little something for your efforts.


Anonymous said...
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Gekko said...

" At least you'll get back a little something for your efforts."

For some reason I find the idea of doing that on a day when Gordo McBroons fizzog will be all over the place a tad disturbing... Having said that, at least it would be done in private rather than the mass toss-off that is the polling booth fiasco.

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Jack Maturin said...

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