Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Probing the depths of public ignorance on gold money at $1100 dollars an oz

Mark Dice, hero, fails to find the bottom of the depth of public ignorance on gold as money.

He tries to sell a 1 oz Canadian maple leaf solid gold coin for $50, in the smart part of town, and finds no takers.

The Fedsters and other counterfeiters really have got their serf zombies nailed.

Simply fantastic:


Paul said...

I did not find this video convincing. I guess some people do not know what gold costs, but most of them probably realized that this guy is not going to sell 1oz gold for $50 and this is just some kind of stupid test/show.

In a way this guy is kind of creepy and rude. Only reason these people are even talking to him is because they are californians who are most open people in the world to small talk.

And lets try to not devalue terms like hero and heroic.

Jack Maturin said...

He's a damn sight more heroic than me.