Friday, November 20, 2009

Environmentalism, Cyber Siberia, and the destruction of the individual

Virtually all environmentalists want the world's population to drop. They're usually very reticent about saying how it should drop, in case the fallacious idea gets out that they'll be needing camps and ovens, but drop it must, if the Great Green Goddess Gaia is to be assuaged.

While working out how to kill most of us, or permanently sterilize us, they hold few qualms in destroying any individuals who stand in their way, accusing them of heresy, via the emotive term of 'climate change denier', in the same way that Witchfinder Generals would burn people at the stake in the Middle Ages, after accusing their hapless blood-boiled victims of being deniers of Jesus.

Perhaps one of the worst cases of this personality destruction has been that of David Bellamy, who for many years used to be one of the most popular men on British television, and certainly a favourite in whichever household I happened to be reading Das Kapital.

Despite an avuncular appearance, a fruity voice, and an energetic and passionate view on virtually everything under the Sun, plus an absolute dearth of other talent on British television, this hugely popular author of nearly 50 books on the environment still cannot get his voice heard on the UK's airwaves.

The environmentalists have done such a great job on defenestrating him, that most people on the street actually think he is dead, despite his still being in great form, even at the age of 76. And this is just the way the Greens like it.

So why? What did this famous environmentalist do to deserve this casting out into the frozen dark void of Cyber Siberia?

Yes, you've guessed it. Because he committed the crime of all crimes. He sinned the sin of all sins. He blasphemed the blasphemy of all blasphemies.

Yes, he denied anthropogenic global warming, and then stuck to his guns after being trounced by the Green Mob.

Hell hath no fury like an environmentalist movement spurned by the greatest living British environmentalist. Hence why we have been denied this man from our screens for so many years. And why they will dance with glee on his grave when his Maker finally comes to take him.

They really don't like it up 'em.


Katabasis said...

Great post Jack.

Have you seen the Hadley stuff yet!???

Jack Maturin said...

Do you have a link?

Katabasis said...

Looks like you've already picked it up via Lew Rockwell.

There are so many good links to go to with people discussing this atm - try this one for some good discussion and a sample of whats in the emails.