Saturday, November 21, 2009

Truth Deniers - What we all knew already: Environmentalist 'scientists' are self-interested liars

Lying, ganging up on people, cutting off people's funds, cutting down people's good reputations, masking evidence, falsifying evidence, you name it, they did it.


A bunch of corrupt Mafia swindlers? A gang of Nigerian arms smugglers?

No. A clique of taxpayer-funded 'environmentalist' scientists in Britain, one of the four official 'sources' of global temperature data, who have caused irreparable damage to the world's economies with their selfish lies and conspiratorial denials of truth, who decided in their 'wisdom' that we needed to be lied to, with cooked information paid for with our own funds, to provide humanity with a 'better' future.

The ends justify the means, you see. And if they should all have received huge salaries and whopping research grants in the process, well, this was just a meaninglessly coincidental side-benefit.

Let us hope that we can recover from their selfish crimes against science.

With thanks to Katabasis

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