Friday, November 27, 2009

The Dollar Bubble

The Dollar Bubble starring Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Gerald Celente, Jim Rogers, and others.

It's a grim documentary, but still worth watching for all that.

The only question I have is how much it translates to the forthcoming British experience? I suspect we're not going to have it quite so bad, because the Pound Sterling is no longer the world's reserve currency, but at least continental America still has vast supplies of commodities that it can access, especially if it removes its own environmental controls. Here in Britain we make nothing and we've already mined most of our commodities away. So it could be even worse here, once the stagflationary recession really starts to bite and tens of millions of British government clients begin using violence to secure their 'entitlements' from the rest of us.

Grim indeed.

Make sure that you watch this and then prepare for the worst. As Peter Schiff said on his latest podcast, if he actually wanted to destroy the US then he would put in place all of the latest US government policies. Much the same might be said here about Gordon Brown's latest fat-headed policies.

It's almost a certainty that the Pound will collapse and we will go cap in hand to the Germans to beg them to let us into the Euro. But this will be at a terrible price. The British government will sell you down the river to protect the privileges of its elites and its clients, and use you as the cash cow to pay the price the Germans will demand. Make sure you're not in a position to be so exploited.

This video may give you some ideas on how to protect yourself from this upcoming rapine and pillage of the British government.

HT to Archie Dean

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Katabasis said...

Hey Jack,
sorry this is completely OT, but I thought you should see this piece - Climate Change and the Death of Science

This piece has blown my mind given that the philosophy it outlines seems to have been taken on by a number of pro-AGWers......