Friday, November 27, 2009

LewRockwell roundup, 27th November

Maturin Towers top three on LewRockwell, this morning:

The Day the Dollar Died
A look at the future.

(Interesting apocalyptic fiction from John Galt, in which only the British Pound Sterling does worse than the American Dollar - that'll serve us right for being such poodles.)

Decentralization and Operational Secession
Gary North on what lies ahead, and his agenda for it.

(It's a long read, but worth it.)

The Price of Gold Will Double
Over the coming months, says Jim Rogers.

(Click through and read the above article all the way through, because the author, David Lew, who is a bullion media commentator, recommends that you should sell your gold for anything above $1,000 dollars and only buy once the price drops below this psychological marker. If, of course, you think gold will ever drop below this marker ever again - you could be a long time waiting! Though of course, we shall see. Mr Market can be a fickle beast, as we found out with the $50 dollar drop this morning, over which I'm sure Mr Lew will be crowing.)

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