Tuesday, November 24, 2009

For whom the Bodrum bell tolls

Alas, for reasons far too complicated to mention I am unable to make it to this year's Property and Freedom Society conference, in Bodrum. However, God and Professor Hoppe willing, I will be there next year if I have to crawl there over broken glass while wearing a T-shirt saying 'I love the Guardian' in three different ecologically-friendly languages.

It's an appallingly terrible shame that I have to miss this year's event, but best wishes to everyone else who is going, and I hope you all have a fabulous time (except the one person whose place I shall be trying to steal next year, who I hope has a terrible time, so they never want to go back again).

Fortunately, I have a few photographic memories I can fall back on from last year, supplied by a brilliant Estonian photographer, to keep me in fighting spirit until next year.

Unfortunately, as I used to be in the SAS and I used to be a terrible liar, the regiment have asked me to protect the innocent by masking a few key identities in the photographs below:

Your Maturin Towers correspondent answers questions from Professor Higgs on upcoming American foreign policy

In a strange temporal distortion caused by watching too many showings of the Lord of the Rings, the Maturin Towers correspondent advises Professors Higgs and Hoppe about why English tea is the best in the world

The famous author, Richard Blake, asks your humble correspondent for a few new ideas on plotlines for his next novel, which your correspondent is happy to supply

AngloAustrian hack, Jack Maturin, briefs Professor Hulsmann on the latest political events in Britain and wonders where the butler has got to with the beers?

Jack Maturin, your humble Maturin Towers correspondent, asks Professor Hoppe why only real men can ever wear pink

Finally, 50% of the world's anarcho-capitalists plot world revolution while pretending to act out a little known Monty Python swimming sketch

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