Saturday, November 28, 2009

The phrase that defenestrates Socialism

Ludwig von Mises said many great things, but perhaps one of the truest and most devastating Death Star sentences that he ever uttered, that completely rips the heart out of Socialism in a single breath, is the following:

Ludwig von Mises: "The buyers do not pay for the toil and trouble the worker took nor for the length of time he spent in working. They pay for the products." - Planning for Freedom

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Anonymous said...

You've made a mistake here, he's referring to capitalism - the economic system whereby the powers that be get complete control of the wealth gained through their workers' efforts, and keep the vast majority of it. The idea of socialism is that the buyers would be paying for the labour and toils of the workers, and therefore the workers would get a sum that fairly represented the work they put in, not as it is under capitalist rule. I don't see why you're crying about socialism on here anyway when it's UNDENIABLY the capitalist system that currently runs the world through the consumer. It's the capitalist system that has caused all the chaos, you'd use your time better to attack capitalism rather than socialism which has almost no influence at all on the global economy. It's like lefties complaining about global warming, it doesn't exist so there's no point whinging about it. It's like complaining about the flying spaghetti monster. I assume you must be trolling to have made such a provocative incorrect statement.