Tuesday, December 01, 2009

LewRockwell Roundup, December 1st

It's another great day on Lew Rockwell, particularly for those concerned with America and the minutiae of the US Constitution, but for those with a more global view, here is today's AngloAustrian top three:

Famine or Gold Standard
Charles Goyette on the choice before us.

(Interesting fiction about the two routes we can take in the next 10 years.)

We Face Financial Collapse
And another made-up war, says Marc Faber.

(Yes, our favourite Swiss Gentleman is more Dr. Gloom than he is Dr. Boom, but still worth reading for all that.)

'Climate Science'
It was hijacked and corrupted by a criminal cabal, says Prof. Tim Ball.

(Climatologist, Professor Tim Ball, explains the scientific significance of the recent explosion of lies coming out of the HadCRUT data scandal.)

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