Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The ugly rise of a new world order paper currency

One of the ugly children that could be inflicted upon the world by the upcoming disastrous G20 conference, is a single world paper currency.

There are calls for this, below. The first is an appalling article written by an idiot, but it shows you where the Mafia underbosses want to take us:

=> China weighs paper gold against dollar as reserve currency

The second highlights how this call is coming from the world's leading communist bureaucrats:

=> China calls for new reserve currency

The third shows how this inter-connected worldwide Mafia are going to use this economic crisis to railroad through a plan that was first mooted at Bretton-Woods:

=> Geithner about-turn on dollar status shocks currency markets

Of course, if you really want to know what's going on, and how a new world order paper fiat currency will be the first plank in the construction of an even more appalling world socialist/fascist government, then you need read no further than Der HoppeMeister himself, writing a number of years ago:

=> The Prophetic Dr. Hoppe on the Rise of the Phoenix

What all of this indicates, of course, is that the dollar is about to collapse. The Mafia's solution? To replace the paper dollar with a Super paper dollar.

These people really will never learn. The only real solution is the only real world currency; gold. But gold will destroy the power of the new world order, so it will never be contemplated by 'the powers that be'.

It's coming though. Because even if these Bozoes manage to foist a world paper currency on us, it will fail even quicker than the paper dollar did. That lasted from 1971 to 2009. This new 'Phoenix' or whatever dreadful name they give this unlovely beast - I like 'The Zimbabwe' - will collapse far quicker, because there will be no discipline of competing paper currencies to keep the authorities controlling it less dishonest.

These people imagine that all of their problems will be solved if the whole world can inflate together, and pesky semi-stronger currencies such as the Swiss Franc don't keep preventing them from doing so.

But once again, these numskulls are wrong. Once the relatively weak discipline of slightly harder paper currencies disappears, we really will all be needing wheelbarrows to carry our cash about in. It won't be so much like a 'paper gold', but a worldwide Zimbabwean dollar with no South Africa or Mozambique to escape to.

Welcome to the Bilderberg group's new world order.


Anonymous said...

Jack Maturin said...

Thanks anonymous! ;-)

Best comment:

I want to hear them say "we hereby declare that fractional reserve banking is outlawed globally, as are the privately-owned central banks which issue money out of thin air. From now on all banks will operate with full reserves based on a gold or silver standard. We have issued arrest warrants for all current world leaders and bankers, and we promise to remove government intervention from a proper free market."

What I expect to hear: "Give us yet more power to screw up the world economy!"

Henry Enfield, Cambridge, United Kingdom

not an economist said...

Why would Geithner (US Treasury Secretary) refer to this in public? The result - as would have been expected by anyuone with a brain - was a fall in the value of sterling. Why would that benfit the US Govt? Come to think of it the Chinese have huge reserveas in dollars. Why would they float the idea publicly as any collapse in the value of the dollar reduces the value of their resefves doesn't it?

Have I mised shtg here?

Tom H said...

This is slightly off-topic, but I thought you might be interested to see that the Institute of Economic Affairs is now promoting mercantilism.

They've published a booklet today calling for the Bank of England to be "privatised", saying that, "like the Federal Reserve in the USA, it should be owned by the main commercial banks".

A free market think tank now promoting State-granted privilege...

Here's the link:

Jack Maturin said...

Dear Lord!

Has the IEA been taken over by the Kochtopus?

I think this may be the problem of constantly trying to infiltrate the Tory party. Eventually, the influence goes the other way.

This is why the Mises Institute stays in Auburn, Alabama. Murray Rothbard had seen at first hand what had happened when libertarian organisations, such as Cato et al, moved to Washington DC.

They quickly got corrupted by moving too frequently within the circles of power, and taxpayer-fed privilege.

Jack Maturin said...

Why would Tim Geithner mention this in public?

He may see it as the only route out from a soon-to-collapse dollar.

The Bilderbergers have to start prepping us at some point to accept this new paper rubbish.

So why waste a crisis, and not start prepping us now, prior to the G20, where this may become more formal?

Plus, he is a tail that it being wagged by the dog of China. If they're going to buy any more US bonds, then he has to stroke them positively and 'be their bitch'.

Because if (when) the Chinese stop buying US bonds, then it's all over for Obama.

Alternatively, this man - along with Bernanke, Greenspan, and Paulson - has already been dim-witted enough to wreck the US economy. Maybe he's just too dim-witted to realise the effects of his words?

(I'm a much bigger believer in cock-up than conspiracy)

Even the Bilderberg group, I reckon, is not a vast conspiracy. It is just loosely connected nest of individuals looking after their own personal interests, in a morally corrupt way, via a vast web of inter-related state contracts.

The upcoming G20 meeting is a surface pustule of pus, upwelling from this more underground Bilderberg nexus, but I don't think there's any 'Mr Big' pulling the strings directly.

Though of course, the Rockefeller family may be in there somewhere! ;-)

They certainly didn't plan this upcoming collapse of the dollar. The plan to move to a Super-dollar ('The Zimbabwe') is just a panicked escape route from the dollar being found out as a counterfeit currency.

They're just making it up as they're going along.

But as Professor Hoppe pointed out many years ago, following Professor Rothbard's similar thoughts, the escape routes for all the world's states, all point towards a one-world superstate.

It's the only logical way out from just giving us our freedom back and all of the tax eaters giving up their privileges.

You might want to read Henry Hazlitt's 'Time Will Run Back' if you want a prognosis for what will happen once the one-world superstate has been formed: