Saturday, March 28, 2009

Daniel Hannan faces the tax eaters on Channel 4

The Prince of Light, Daniel Hannan, faces the Guardianistas on Channel 4 with humour, pathos, and stolidity.

Alas, the grinning monkey Dolly Draper makes one of his usual under-the-skin appearances, but it's good to see that Mr Hannan is both incapable of being irritated by this nasty little man and more importantly, speaks to us from Godalming, in England, rather than from Strasbourg in France.

Don't go back, Daniel! Your country needs you here.

Though it would appear, a lot of American Republicans want him in America, too. Check out this Glenn Beck show for proof of that, where Mr Beck begs the Prince of Light to defect to the United States. (I particularly like Mr Hannan's comment about Zimbabwe! :-)


John Higgins said...

They cited the bloody Fabian society?

I didn't know English news was quite as bad as American news. Oh well.

I like your blog, by the way. We need a healthy dose of Mises on both sides of the Atlantic, I think.

ukipwebmaster said...

In case you missed it here is the earlier one:

Matt said...

jack and fellow readers if you haven't seen this video yet it is hillarious. max keiser debates economics professor on french tv. golden!

part 1

part 2

Jack Maturin said...

Yep, the Fabian Society, the original socialist group of underground philosopher kings who have successfully destroyed Britain in their century-long plan.

Don't worry though, it's only Channel 4. This is a state-subsidised news channel populated exclusively by Guardian readers, who weren't good enough to get sinecures in BBC news.

This can only happen in Britain, of course. Most statist countries are happy to just have one government news outlet. In Britain, we have two, just in case one of them ever makes the mistake of broadcasting the truth.