Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to Dubai

My first trip to Dubai is coming up on Saturday, which I'm very excited about, so posts on AngloAustria could become fairly random for a week or two.

I'm currently working around the clock to make this trip as successful as possible, and if it all goes well, I'll be going out again in a month.

If that trip is successful, I could be going out for a week a month, for the foreseeable future. The aim, of course, is that I'm going out so often, that I'm spending more time there than here, until eventually I'm spending no time here at all, except for once-a-year pilgrimages to Bath, Cornwall, the Lake District, the White Horse of Uffington, and Avebury.

That is, of course, until the government adopt closed borders to keep their tax serfs locked in. As a good Hoppeian, it will then be my Austrian duty to suffer outside of this new iron curtain, over cocktails, in my air-conditioned Dubai or Singapore apartment. Which will be a nightmare.

Chin chin!

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