Thursday, March 05, 2009

Gordon who?

Gordon Brown must have dreamt of this moment for years, addressing both Houses of Congress in the United States, so I simply shudder to think of how many taxpayer-financed man-hours went into his dreadful toe-curling speech, with its reckless calls for worldwide inflation and its shameless reliance upon flattery.

However, each satrap must have his day in the sun, bathing in the divine light of the Median God-King. So let us not be too churlish, while Gordon sets about building tomorrow's low carbon world today, along with all of the other flimsy windmills in his delusional mind.

Because when he and his press corps fly back to England, in their high carbon plane, promptly forgotten by everyone in the modern Persepolis of Washington, that will have been the noon-tide of this satrap's reign.

Even The Times, that most New Labour of newspapers back in 1997, thinks it is time for Gordon to go. As do his entire cabinet, who are currently fighting like ferrets in a sack, over his succession, to get their hands on a prime ministerial pension pot.

So enjoy the photographs while you can, Gordon. Because from now on in, it's a one-way trip to the dumpster for you. Just like the text of your speech.

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