Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Official: Britain really is ruled by a lunatic

I make mistakes. I make predictions that fail to pan out. I choose the wrong suits. I often wear horrible socks. I have also made some HORRIFIC decisions over women.

But this just makes me human.

Apparently, no such humanity applies to Gordon Brown. Despite having been the british government's chancellor for 10 years and then the british government's prime minister for two years, NONE of the current financial problems afflicting us here in the sceptred isle have ANYTHING to do with him.

Yes, any 'successes' there may have been, can all be laid at his door. But ANYTHING which smacks of any kind of failure really must be laid at the feet of ... well ... anybody else, whether it's 'shadow banking systems' or 'tax evaders'. It doesn't really matter who it is. But what we do know, is that it was nothing to do with him.

Dear God! Even I will take some of the blame for this mess, due to my tangential involvement with the british banking system. But for the former long-term chancellor of the exchequer and current prime minister to deny any involvement whatsoever, truly does defy belief.

Can the men in the white coats please drag this embarrassment into the hospital as soon as possible? For the love of God.

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