Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The nascent world state smashes freedom in ten more countries


Gordon Brown has forced ten more countries to hand over stolen pelf to socialists, so they can waste it on more government rubbish.

And he won't be satisfied until there is nowhere left you can hide your wealth to stop it being stolen by parasites.

How this will solve the depression, he doesn't bother to explain, of course.

Because governments getting their hands on more of other people's money is obviously such a 'good thing', that we don't need to question it.


Anonymous said...

I see the Russians are rooting for a world reserve currency backed by gold.

Does that make Austrians Russian or Russians Austrians?

Very interesting were it to materialise however I suspect whoeveer we have on office then would not be able to resist their Henry VIII moment and convert all fiat savings at a rate of £100,000 per new sterling note backed by 1oz of gold

Jack Maturin said...

Do you have a link?

Last thing I read talked about 'paper gold', i.e. a 'strong' world body which would resist the temptation to print too much of the new world currency.

Though a gold rouble or even a gold yuan makes a lot of sense, if you're in either Russia or China and you want to prevent yourself being ringed by American forces.

not an economist said...

Link to an Ambrose-Pritchard Evans article discussing this:


Jack Maturin said...


Thanks Anonymous and not an economist! :-)