Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kubica comes in fourth, in qualifying

Ok, so after my prediction that Robert Kubica would win this year's F1 championship, his fourth placed position on the starting grid would seem to belie that confidence.

However, he is ahead of Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonnen, Massa, Kovaleinen, and Heidfeld, the other principal drivers from last year.

Once BMW sort out their diffuser, in Hinwil, Zurich Canton, I am still confident Kubica will steam towards the front.

There is a rather large crate of Belgian Kriek beer riding on this, so I am taking it rather seriously.

My only real fear is Vettel, the former BMW replacement driver, who stood in for Kubica when the Pole hit the wall in Canada. My feeling is that Vettel will come back to BMW and replace Heidfeld, probably next year, if Heidfeld fails to get it together again this year. We shall see.

However, at least Heidfeld came up with the line, "Humour is a very serious business in Germany", so I want him to stay with BMW just for that! :-)

Finally, I think that all hats must be doffed towards Ross Brawn and his incredible effort with the former Honda team. To lock out the front row on your first outing, is a sterling effort, and it is also good to see Jenson Button doing so well after so many years in the doldrums.

Good 'ol Bernie Ecclestone. He really does know how to mix it up. Shame about his £1 million pound contribution towards the Labour Party, and his insistence that governments around the world should subsidise F1. But he is a businessman and this is the water in which he swims so I can forgive him.

Especially if Kubica is the next world champion.

Go Robert, go!

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