Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nigel Farage speaks truth to power

Is this an even better speech than Daniel Hannan's?

Although it's horrific that we have to start the video with a clip of Gordon Brown, doing that weird thing with his left hand (cupping one of his former gay lover's bumping equipment pieces perhaps?), this speech, although less polished than the Prince of Light's earlier Swordfish torpedo run, and more emotional, makes Kriegsmarine Kapitan Brown squirm even more under its direct assault upon his mendacious evil and utter incompetence. Watch out for the usual 'child molester' grin of Brown, as he wriggles pathetically under the withering barrage.

Bravo, Lord Admiral Nigel Farage, for this further heavy-cruiser shelling of the Bismarck.

(Thanks to ukipwebmaster for putting AngloAustria onto this.)

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