Friday, March 27, 2009

Gordon Brown wants to end 'discrimination' against women and Catholics over throne

You gotta hand it to Gordon Brown.

Despite spending 23 hours a day working out how to destroy the finances of an entire nation in the upcoming G20 conference, he still has time left over to keep his finger on the pulse of the nation.

Yes, we all really care that the future King can't marry a Catholic.

This has been keeping me up at night, for some time.

(And yes, there will be some pathetic hidden story behind this. Is he trying to kick the Queen in the teeth for daring to see Mervyn King? Perhaps it will be about appeasing some beetling group of Scottish catholics in a marginal central belt constituency? Perhaps this may even be the Prime Minister's own constituency, which we're all hoping he will lose at the next election if he can't fake a crisis first, to avoid an election. However, it's getting too late on a Friday afternoon to really give a flying monkeys about the internal demons scrabbling around the inside of this sad demented lunatic's mind. But this kind of thing really does show you his overweening micro-management style of wanting to tell everyone else what to do, all of the time - Is it time for a large G&T yet, or is the Sun still above the yard arm?)

UPDATE: And here's the reason. Dear Lord, how God must hate Gordon Brown.

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