Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gordon Brown emulating Private Schulz

Private Schulz was a brilliant BBC comedy shot about 25 years ago, starring Michael Elphick and Mole Gerald himself, Ian Richardson.

The story centred around an attempt by the Nazis, in WWII, to destroy the British economy by flooding it with perfect counterfeit cash.

This week, Gordon Brown is similarly going to destroy the British economy, by also flooding it with perfect counterfeit cash.

Well done, Gordon. Sieg Heil.

UPDATE: You can watch the whole first episode of Private Schulz, on YouTube. Part 1 is available here.

Part 4, below, contains the crucial moment where Schulz thinks of counterfeiting the pound and where Hitler agrees to the idea to destroy the economy of Great Britain - though the idea is initially opposed by the German Economics Ministry, mainly on the basis of their memory of the Weimar inflation of the 1920s - Das ist sehr Fantastisch, nicht war! :-)

Just watch from 2:00 minutes through to 4:00 minutes, if time is short:

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