Saturday, March 28, 2009

Schiff: Pound to disappear and merge into Euro

In his radio program this week (March 25th), Der SchiffMeister makes a couple of predictions:

=> The Pound will soon disappear and merge into the Euro

=> The Euro will prove more resilient than many people think (including AngloAustria) and may become the new world reserve currency

=> The Euro will ultimately collapse, but this is still a very long way off


While you're thinking about that, here's all of Mr Schiff's Video logs created since the last one we posted:


Matt said...

schiff says the same things as most conspiracy theorists but cites the 'on the surface' and reasonable explanations for most of it.

my call on us in the UK joining the Euro. it will happen - the pound will take a further battering and we will go into a sort of crisis where the public panic and the euro is presented as the solution.

as it stands there's not a big enough problem with our currency to warrant a switch to the euro quite yet. watch this space for the pound crisis to pick up steam way before the dollar comes under any major stress.

problem, reaction, solution.

Jack Maturin said...

Back in December I predicted that Brown would use this financial crisis to frog-march Britain into the Euro, to fulfil his socialist goal of destroying Britain.

He may still do it. However, I think the Germans may simply refuse to allow the British basket case economy to enter the Euro, because the Euro is already under enough stress.

If the Pound should enter the Euro, this will certainly shorten the life of the Euro.

Though will this be in the remote long-term as Schiff predicts or in the nearer medium-term as AngloAustria predicts?

Either way, it's a horrific situation all round. And let us never forget who got us into this gigantic mess, as splendidly j'accused by Nigel Farage.

not an economist said...

The rumours of Britain joing the Euro are backed up on the Capitalists at Work blog. Brown is expected to announce Britain's membership at the G20 summit and King's meeting with the Queen the other day was all related to us joining aswell:

See article entitled "Scoop:Is Britain planning on joining the Euro?"

You were right, I was wrong. I thought this crisis would break the Euro up with Germany and maybe France becoming unwilling to keep paying out subsidies to the poorer European countries.

Looks like European socialism is the wave of our future from now on. Marvellous. Well done for bringing us to this Gordon you Scotch twat.

not an economist said...


Sorry. I am a brainless knob. THe info I based my post on above was an April Fools post.

And to think I have the nerve to call Brown a twat!!