Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is Darling puffing himself up for resignation?

If I wasn't forced to contribute towards his salary, expenses, and pension, I could almost feel sorry for Alistair Darling, the british government's current chancellor. Well, when I say that, of course, I really mean cardboard cut-out chancellor, because whereas Tony Blair only used to steal the role of his foreign secretary, Gordon Brown has gone one better. He is currently holding down three jobs; prime minister, chancellor, and foreign secretary.

Which makes Darling completely superfluous. Hence Darling's bleatings today in the press, which have apparently enraged Gordon, who felt the need to use an aeroplane to cross the Atlantic today, rather than just flying over there himself powered by his usual red cape.

All pivotal figures involved in the transfer of trillions of pounds of british government obligations to banks such as RBS and HBOS, all report to Gordon Brown, rather than the chancellor, and Darling knows he is really only there for one job.

That is to be Gordon Brown's scape-goat when this all of this Keynesian counterfeiting nonsense goes horribly wrong, as it surely will when all of these RBS and HBOS toxic debts start going belly up.

So if Darling is to get out of this with his sanity intact, he really has just one choice; that is to get his retaliation in early.

Obviously, being a tribal parasite socialist, Darling is an utter coward, so will make a meal of it and give Brown lots of opportunities to take him seriously. But Maturin Towers predicts that Darling will resign before he is sacked. The curse of Geoffrey Howe will once again return, to bite a standing prime minister.

How soon? Who knows. It could be tomorrow. It could be this evening, but you can be sure that it is currently the only thing on Darling's mind.

Darling may only be a dead sheep, but when Margaret Thatcher was savaged by a dead sheep, in the unlikely figure of Geoffrey Howe, it quickly proved fatal to even her, the Iron Lady.

Let us hope Darling builds up the nerve to resign soon. The sooner we are rid of Man of Steel Brown, the sooner we can start rebuilding this country.

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