Monday, March 23, 2009

Tories should be 'honest and straight' with the public sector

Janet Daley does her usual Torygraph line on hoping that the Tories will give up on millions of public sector votes, to bring in sensible state-shrinking policies. I thought her efforts deserved a rejoinder:

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Jack Maturin on March 23, 2009 at 09:08 AM

The conservative party has no point. It is merely a socialist party which wears blue jumpers rather than red jumpers.

This dancing on the head of a pin about taxation policy is simply pathetic. Margaret Thatcher, if she was dead, would be rolling in her grave.

The clue lies in the title of these people who think they are our masters. 'Public Servants' are meant to be there to serve the public.

When the public can no longer afford the luxury of having so many servants, many of whom serve no greater purpose other than being government vote fodder, then these servants should be 'given the opportunity to serve elsewhere', that is, sacked.

Will I notice if a legion of NHS smoking counsellors in Sunderland are sacked? Only if I get a tax rebate on the savings, and perhaps later if I find cheaper goods on the market, because these people are doing something useful instead, that people are voluntarily willing to pay for out of their own private incomes.

As a self-employed man who is finding work increasingly difficult to come by, I will simply not make greater sacrifices so that 'public servants' don't have to and so that feckless weak-willed smokers in Sunderland can have as many 'free' services as they want.

Because 'public servants' are allowed to vote, we have now reached a country in which figurehead governments of all colours have been captured by the voting power of these 'public servants'.

Because the tax consuming beneficiaries of the public payroll now control the law-making, inflating, and tax-gathering machine, the supposed tax generating masters have become nothing but defacto slaves.

Such is always the inevitable road to the serfdom of democracy. But I will not pay 45% taxes or hand over 45% of my children's inheritance to help these people stay in their cushy numbers, while my business withers and dies under a policy of borrowing, taxing, spending, and inflating.

I will not allow my children to be burdened by paying ever-greater tithes to these useless parasitical 'servants' for the rest of their lives.

The shores of Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vancouver, Sydney, and Auckland beckon. And what a relief it will be, once I have managed to figure out a way to escape there.

The tax consumers in this country may think they can hold the tax generators down to the ground to bleed them dry, but if this process is continued by both the blue jumper socialists as well as the red jumper socialists, then the brain drain of the 1970s will seem like a trickle compared to an oncoming tsunami, as wealth generators flood out of the country, to be replaced by nothing but a tide of ever more rent seekers.

What will all the tax consumers do when all the tax generators have left? Send threatening memos to each other? Confiscate pencils from each other? Eat tax demands?

Yes, they could impose an iron curtain to stop us leaving, but if they leave me nothing but my shirt to leave in, then I'm still going anyway. And what will they do once they have eaten my frozen bank accounts?

And if they prevent me from even physically leaving, why do they think I'll then get out of bed in the morning to continue facing an old age with a destroyed pension, so I can work hard all day to feather their index-linked nests?

No, we have reached an impasse in this country.

The state must either roll itself back, or it will rolled back on a sea of tax generator emigration. If it does attempt to chain us in, we will simply withdraw our labour, as our fellow-travellers did in Russia, and merely do enough to personally survive, without generating any extra roubles to keep the useless nomenklatura class going, in the style to which it has become accustomed.

Let us go or keep us chained in? Either way, they lose.

The gravy train is over, boys and girls. Get used to it. The most sensible thing those of you at the higher end of it can do, to keep yourselves in gravy, is let the bottom half go.

If you don't, you're all going to get turfed out.

The problem with socialism, of course, is that eventually they always run out of other people's money.

Well, now they have run out. Again.

The game is up. And for the conservative party to revert to type and to join their red jumper friends in threatening to bleed the tax generators dry to fund tax consuming voters, marks the bitter end.

There is now simply no point in voting for anyone in this country. It doesn't even matter if Gordon Brown fakes an emergency, to avoid going to the polls.

It makes no difference who is in power, because they have all just proven themselves to be in thrall to the client state.

Democracy is dead.

It is a God that has failed.

Though I am actually afraid of going to Dubai. You see, they don't have NHS smoking counsellors, over there. They consider them a bit of a waste of money.

I know; it's terribly uncivilised. They expect you to take personal responsibility for your own actions and apply personal willpower. They even expect you buy your own nicorette patches if you want to give up smoking! Fancy that?

Still, at least with a zero-rated income tax scheme, I'll be able to afford them.

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