Friday, March 27, 2009

Forget PM, Daniel Hannan should be made King!

In a remarkable video with Fox News, Daniel Hannan reveals himself to the wider world.

What I want to know though, is why Mr Hannan is not wearing his tie? Judging from his comments made in the Fox video above, including his support for Ron Paul at 2:30 to go, he really ought to go about badged as a fully-fledged Austrian.

Which is absolutely splendid! :-)

Thanks to Anonymous and Guido, for putting me onto this interview.

More from Guido here:

=> Hannan Breaks the Million Views Barrier

As Guido reports in that piece, the Downing Street web site has posted a video of Brown's own European Parliament speech on YouTube, but they have turned off the comments to avoid the otherwise hundreds of links they would have received pointing everyone to Mr Hannan's reply. It has done Downing Street little good though, because guess what video turns up as number one on the 'Related Videos' panel? I'll relieve you from the suspense:

Even more splendid! ;-)

And notice the viewing figures. Number one is Daniel Hannan's epic speech, with over a million views; next comes in the less-than-epic Gordon Brown giving his wooden and perfunctory opinion on the EU Council, with a humiliating total of just 304 views.


What's even more hilarious, of course, is that there are apparently 304 people in the world with such sad lives that they're prepared to watch such bilge. No doubt most of these will have had some angle of attack on the taxpayer's wallet, in choosing to do so. That, or they all need a brain transplant.

Though monitoring the view count on Mr Hannan's riposte to Gordon is almost as good as sitting up to watch those Ron Paul fund-raising totals, last year. Can Mr Hannan top two million?

I certainly hope so.

Let us also hope that this speech marks some kind of watershed, here in Britain, back down the hill towards the road to sanity.

UPDATE: After the story went around the world seventeen times, and was broadcast on several American mainstream news channels, the BBC finally relented and told the UK about Daniel Hannan in the following tiny clip on a largely unwatched program:

=> The Daily Politics

Well done Auntie Beeb! (BTW, you've just got to love the 'Berkeley' T-shirt Guido is wearing in the clip. Superb.)

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1 060 418 against 304, and then "Vaclav Klaus on lack of opposition in EU parliament"! I wonder if Daniel was planning this for months or what.. I mean you couldn't make this up if you tried. Bravo, Daniel!