Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Former Woolworths manager reopens closed store as Wellworths

Maturin Towers wishes the very best of luck for Claire Robertson, and her attempt to revive the store she used to manage for Woolworths, a few months ago.

Her new business venture is going to prove tough in the teeth of a recession, in a politically correct business environment weighed down with onerous government taxes and regulations, but this is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit and vision we need if this country is going to get up from its welfare sofa or government sinecure and start working and producing again.

Once again, Joseph Schumpeter's creative destruction process has cleared out the bad managers at the Woolworth's head office, and replaced them with a plucky local manager in the figure of Claire Robertson.

Lesson to Whitehall: No more bailouts. Let the bad asset managers go to the wall and let a new generation of managers take their chances on managing these assets instead, to try to make them productive again. Oh, and while you're at it, sack half the civil service for fun, and give us back the saved money as tax cuts on investment taxes. I would say 'sack the useless' half, but both halves are useless, so that's tricky. I know! Just sack every civil servant whose surname begins with a consonant. Yes, we'll lose 'You blithering idiot, Blenkinsop!' But at least we'll keep 'You blithering half-wit, Atkins!'

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