Monday, March 30, 2009

Gordon Brown: 'Let Jacqui Smith get on with her job as Home Secretary'

So, the Home Secretary has been taking money from my wallet to give to her husband so he can watch porn films, so he can get turned on enough to 'sort her out' on a Friday night?

I can hardly be bothered to comment on this, except to ask the question, how embarrassed does a cabinet minister have to get these days before they finally do the decent thing and clear their desk (or have it cleared for them)?

As they are now virtually all career politicians, with no life outside of politics, I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised that they'll never resign. But, really. How BAD does it have to be before they are sacked?

Do they have to be caught with their clothes off behind a tree in Hyde Park, wearing nothing but stockings and sniffing amyl nitrate fumes from a silver dish stolen from a reception at Buckingham Palace? Or would even that not be bad enough? I suspect it wouldn't. In fact, I can almost see the BBC report now, claiming how overwork and stress has taken a terrible undeserving toll on one of our otherwise heroic masters.

Well, at least this news item further diminishes any remaining sliver of respect anybody had for politicians. So at least we can claim that furtive silver thread from this sordid dark cloud of sleazy immoral corruption.


Anonymous said...

Has it been proved beyond reasonable doubt that it was the husband watching the porno's? I dont think so. Jacqui strikes me as being one hell of a horny beast once she gets going ....

Jack Maturin said...

Yes, it does smack a little of the 'Will you take the speeding ticket rap for me, darling' syndrome, especially as she pays him £40,000 a year, from my wallet, for basically doing bugger all except give her (presumably) a good seeing-to every now and again.

But with at least one of these porno films having been a gay romp, it just gets even more complicated.

I think this is why stone age tribes tended to only have very old white-haired people guiding them as 'leaders'. When all of your hormones have died down, you can think much more clearly, plus you have much greater experience and memory to assist you in your task of working out what to do in difficult situations.

Having all of these younger 'thrusting' people running the world, sacrificing the rest of us for short-term enhancement for themselves, has given us nothing but problems, as they seek to fulfil both their own advantage, plus the fulfillment of their youthful aspirations (socialism, ecomentalism, etc) in the face of common sense.

The cult of youth, as personified by Clinton, Blair, and Obama, and I suppose even the idiot Bush, has ruined us.

Still, I'm staggered that this woman hasn't been resigned yet. Both hands and both feet caught in the till, with some of the swag used to pay for pornography, which they would have gotten away with if they hadn'd been caught out for the second home swindle.

As Bonson Jorris has written, these two can pay for their 'pleasures' themselves.